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NFT: Sunil Gulati to face challenge for USSF top job in February

Del Shofner : 9/13/2017 9:02 pm
- there's been discussion here on BBI from time to time over whether Sunil is the right man for the job of leading US soccer. Certainly the Klinsmann hiring was his move, and a bust. Now, for the first time, it looks like he'll face a serious challenge for the top job in US soccer, at the annual meetings in February. Sunil's a good guy (actually a remarkable one, since he is also a very well-liked economics professor at Columbia). But questioning whether he's the right guy to lead US soccer is fair game. Of course, I'm not sure that Steve Gans is either. Thoughts?

WaPo article on challenge to Gulati in February vote - ( New Window )
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