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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2017 3:50 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

September 14, 2017

Q: What stands out the most to you about Matthew Stafford?

A: His ability to make plays downfield and him using his legs, being very mobile, and his awareness game. You saw a lot of it during the film study today and heís able to make plays on the ball. Then, he has great receivers that can make plays as well. They have some nice shifty running backs.

Q: Matthew Stafford is undefeated when he completes 70% or more of his passes. What is it about the system that sets the Lions up to make great plays?

A: I guess basically trusting each other. Itís getting that chemistry and you can see it on film that they have really good chemistry. The guys are just Ė theyíre there and he expects them to be there. Thatís why heís making the type of money heís making right now. Itís going to be a good game come Monday. I canít wait.

Q: Whatís the difference between preparing for a quarterback like Matthew Stafford and preparing for a quarterback like Dak Prescott?

A: You have to say just experience. He just has more experience than Dak Prescott. Both of them are mobile. Theyíre mobile. They can make plays with their legs. I can say the edge that he has over Dak is experience. Heís been in the league longer. You really have to prepare for both of those guys anyway.

Q: Detroitís running game isnít as strong as what you saw at Dallas, so does a quarterback like Matthew Stafford make up for that?

A: Canít be fooled with that because watching on film, they have some running backs that can make plays, bounce it outside and make something out of nothing. So, they know what their strengths are and they really use them. Itíll be interesting to see.

Q: Matthew Stafford had eight come-from-behind victories in the fourth quarter last season and people say he has Ďit.í What is Ďit?í

A: It just has to be composure. When youíre backed up against a wall, you have all the pressure on you right now. Itís just keeping your composure, trusting in your abilities and making throws. So, I think if thatís the Ďití that theyíre talking about, thatís what he has.

Q: You have to make sure you donít let up as a defense because Matthew Stafford could bury you.

A: Yeah. Itís just if he shows Ė weíve seen games where heís come back and done the fake spike and scored on game-winning touchdown drives and he has it. Itís just something you have to be prepared for and you always have to be out there getting after it.
Make sure they are one dimensional  
RetroJint : 9/14/2017 7:47 pm : link
Stone the run.
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