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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Brandon Marshall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2017 4:01 pm
WR Brandon Marshall

September 14, 2017

Q: How do you expect this offense to respond this week?

A: I mean we have no choice but to do better. Thatís the goal. If you donít, then itís going to be a long season. Itís early on in the season, first week. Didnít perform the way we wanted to so this is a bounce back game. Monday night football. Hopefully we can do the right things so, we be where we need to be.

Q: Do you go into this game with a chip on your shoulder?

A: No. Been in the league for twelve years and we have a lot of veterans in this locker room like Eli. Done it for a long time, understand that itís a long season.

Q: Where are you guys on offense? What have you guys worked on the most heading into this game?

A: Nothing. Just put the game plan in. Every game, whether you win or lose, you correct your mistakes and you get back up and you try to be better, whether you win or lose.

Q: What has been the biggest change for the Lions from last year to this year?

A: Coach threw up some stats. We just peaked at Detroit last year versus us. We had a chance to play against them, but really this year is a totally different year. Every year is a new team, new people, so you really canít study too much when it comes to the year before, but itís a great place to start just to get a feel for what they are trying to do, but guys are getting older and younger, faster, and smarter, and wiser, new schemes, new plays. So, itís really important to study the last few games of this year.

Q: Do you expect Detroit to do some similar things to what Dallas did last week?

A: Well, Xís and Oís? You really got to study the defensive coordinators and coach Marinelli is a guy that plays cover 3, he plays man, he plays some two, tampa two and thatís what heís done. Thatís what he does. There are some coordinators that may throw in a wrinkle here and there, a different blitz, a different front. So, you really have to study the defensive coordinator. This defensive coordinator, every once in a while, he may throw in a different wrinkle here and there, but he is who he is, right? His defense works for him. They are a wide nine defensive front. They have a back four thatís smart, led by number 27 [Glover Quin], whoís extremely smart and wise, heís always around the ball. So, we are expecting the same thing.

Q: What was it like having Odell [Beckham] next to you today at practice?

A: Yeah it was cool. Itís always good to have him out there. Heís a phenomenal player and he also brings a lot of energy in the meeting rooms and on the field. So, definitely good to have him out there.

Q: Do you expect to be more involved in the offense next week?

A: I was involved in the offense last week, I just didnít get an opportunity to get touches. You can impact the game in several ways. It doesnít always have to be with the ball in your hands as a receiver.

Q: Where are you with your relationship with Eli [Manning]?

A: We are not in marital counseling, so thatís good. Our relationship is great. Itís not rocky. Usually they say the first 2-3 years of marriage is tough, but so far so good. We are still in that honeymoon phase, so thatís good.

Q: Is he still just throwing it at you?

A: No, no, I understand the offense now and the routes and what we are trying to accomplish.

Q: I know you can be involved in more way than catching the ball, but that is what you do. Donít you feel like you have to be more involved with catching the ball?

A: Itís Week 1. Ask me that question Week 10, Week 12. Ask coach that question, but itís Week 1. We are alright.

Q: Yesterday Eli [Manning] was talking about how it is only week 1 and everyone has to relax. Was that the tone during practice this week?

A: Not really. I mean, we are pros. It is unique playing in New York. Itís so much coverage. Thereís a lot of outlets and networks covering the team, so we understand it is a little bit different. Itís one week, one week at a time. Thatís all you can do.

Q: What is the difference between playing on Monday night football versus other games.

A: You got to sit in the hotel a little longer, get a little bit more anxious. The perk is the whole world is watching. The negative is you have to sit in a hotel all day. A lot of guys want to get out there and play right away.
So far in very minimal action  
RetroJint : 9/14/2017 7:45 pm : link
Old, slow and Trappist monk -like as far as competitive drive. Words-I'm reading words. Let's see something .

Joe Amalfitano on the Cubs staff coaching a washed up Bobby Bonds: "Bobby, we both know where you are right now. If you have any bullets left in your gun, you better fire them."
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