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Saturday Transcript: Defensive Line Coach Patrick Graham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2017 3:17 pm
Defensive Line Coach Patrick Graham

September 16, 2017

Q: How do you think DT Dalvin Tomlinson played on Sunday?

A: He had a solid game, had a solid game. Weíre just worried about Detroit right now. How we practiced this week and just getting ready for Detroit, but that game is behind us now.

Q: What does DT Dalvin Tomlinson need to work on to get better?

A: To get better Ė I think, I mean, at this point in the season we all have a lot of stuff to get better at. Obviously, we have to do a better job. I have to do a better job coaching, we have to do a better job playing, whether itís against the run, feeding blocks, getting off blocks, getting to the ball carrier, transitioning the pass-rush. This point in the season and this game weíre getting prepared for, thereís so much we have to work on right now. Nobody is where they want to be right now, I donít think.

Q: Could DT Jay Bromley be more effective once heís healthier?

A: All the guys are. Everybody is a factor now. Period. Theyíre getting ready for the game. I mean, everybody is going to play a role in however we see fit in terms of pointing those guys out there on the field, whether itís Jay, Dalvin, Rob (Robert Thomas), JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul). Everybody has a role and what weíre trying to figure out is how to beat the Lions on Monday.

Q: Whatís holding you back from rotating DE Jason Pierre-Paul and DE Olivier Vernon more?

A: I canít speak for Spags (Steve Spagnuolo). I can speak for myself. Everybody is going to play. Everybody is going to play. The number of snaps they play Ė thatís all dependent upon the flow of the game, whatís happening during the game. I canít really speak about last week or last year. Nobody cares about that. So I know for this week coming up, the guys that are going to play are going to be the guys that are going to play and I feel comfortable with all the guys in my room playing in the game. So weíll just see how it plays out.

Q: Are you comfortable with DE Jason Pierre-Paul and De Olivier Vernon playing all of the snaps?

A: Iím comfortable with getting a win. So, however we feel, however they feel in terms of what we need to do to win the game each week, and thatís all we worry about, one week at a time, thatís what weíre going to do.

Q: Do you ever get to a point in the game where you have to force guys who havenít been playing as much into the lineup for a series, kind of like basketball?

A: Well, Iíve never coached basketball, but I can talk about football. In terms of just when you get into the flow of the game, youíre just trying to get guys in for certain situations sometimes. It can also be based on a fatigue factor because a game you play a lot of snaps, you want to get guys in there. Thereís also just to get guys to get a flow of the game. You donít want it to be the fourth quarter their first time getting in the game and they havenít really gotten a flow of the game. So, itís all based on each individual game and how weíre performing and how we see their role being.

Q: How has DE Avery Moss been doing?

A: Avery has been working really hard. Heís working really hard in the classroom, on the field, post-practice. Heís doing a lot of good things in terms of just improving himself as a student of the game, being a professional his first year here. Then also, just the skill element, whether itís the pass-rush, whether itís the run game. Heís doing a lot of good stuff there trying to work that. Iím real happy with his progression so far.
Avery Moss  
SamdaGiantsFan : 9/16/2017 11:27 pm : link
Happy to read that
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