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Saturday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2017 3:19 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

September 16, 2017

Q: What kind of challenges do [Golden] Tate and [Kenny] Golladay present. It seems that they had a big week last week?

A: Good receivers. They have great ball awareness and after the catch they are physical. They get a lot of yards after the catch.

Q: How much can Stafford impact a game?

A: We know heís a big-time quarterback with a strong arm that can make all the throws. We just have to be on our Pís and Qís and just play team ball, defense and just play fast.

Q: Do you agree that he is more mobile than in past years?

A: I agree. On the film you see him get away from defenders a lot. Scrambling more and keeping his head down field with his receivers. We need to stay tight with the coverage.

Q: Heís not the Aaron Rodgers type yet?

A: Not with the scrambling, but he is throwing wise. Both of them have a strong arm.

Q: Has the defense taken more on themselves to step it up with the offense struggling?

A: No. We know theyíre going to get it right on that side. Only thing weíre focusing on is playing great defense. If they donít score, they donít win. We just have to play great defense and get the offense along when they come along.

Q: Stafford is the highest paid player in the league. Is that something that you you or defenders take notice of?

A: No, I donít care about his contract.

Q: Does he look like one of those type of players?

A: If you look at him over the years, heís been playing as if heís the best quarterback or the highest paid quarterback. Thatís what they doing over there. I can only control what we doing over here.

Q: How does the mindset change from a defensive perspective when a guy of Odell Beckhamís caliber doesnít play?

A: I think it gives them a sign of relief. At the end of the day, itís about being healthy when youíre on the field. Until then, weíre just going to play great defense. Hopefully the offense will come along with or without Odell. Weíre going to control what we can control.
OBJ_AllDay : 9/18/2017 12:11 am : link
Defense hasn't forgotten last year. Hostility could be brewing between this defense and an offense that hasn't looked right in a long long time.
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