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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2017 1:07 am
QB Eli Manning

Postgame vs. Lions, September 18, 2017

Q: On the 4th and 3 in the fourth quarter, what were the options you saw and what prevented you from picking up the first down?

A: Fourth and three and had a play, I tried to get to [running back] Shane [Vereen], a little flat route. The nickel was out there, I tried to put it on him. I was hoping he had the depth, the [defender] made a good play. They had a good call for the play. I thought it would be enough for the first and obviously the guy made a good tackle and we werenít able to get it.

Q: How worried are you about the offense?

A: Well. Weíve got to score more. Not going in the right direction enough, going backwards, not converting on third downs enough. Got down there close on the one-yard line and then get a penalty and get a delay of game at the end. So, just not executing enough on third downs in the green zone, some critical moments.

Q: What happened with the delay of game?

A: Iíve got to call a timeout or get it snapped. Anytime thereís a delay of game, itís on the quarterback and canít afford it right there.

Q: What went right on the touchdown pass to tight end Evan Engram?

A: Had a good play call, had some play action. I think they may have screwed up the coverage anyway. But they sucked up on the play action, was able to get him up the middle. Had another play action later on, hit [wide receiver] Brandon [Marshall]. I thought he might score when that got down to the one and then from there, we went backwards and the penalty that hurt us. But there was some good things, we moved the ball better. I thought we played better than we did last week. Just obviously, the turnover hurt us and just not converting on third down enough.

Q: What happened on your interception?

A: Canít afford it. The ball was a little behind Evan. So, weíve got to look at it and Iíve got it put it in front of him and give him a chance to run, or move on to my next progression.

Q: Do you think you had more opportunities to throw downfield this week as compared to last week?

A: Well, we probably had more plays this week, last week we didnít have the ball much. I thought we did some decent things in the pass game. Had some opportunities to get some guys down the field a little bit. Threw some shots down the field we didnít connect on, so weíve got to start hitting on some of our shots.

Q: On the delay of game, was the play late coming in from the coaches?

A: No. Anytime thereís fourth down right there, you know theyíve got to make a decision on whatís going on. But we had plenty of time. I saw the clock, knew we were rushing. Iíve got to take a timeout there or get the ball snapped and letís go.

Q: In what ways do you think that the offense can improve?

A: Well, weíve just got to figure out whatís our best personnel, whatís our best style, how weíre going to be able to move the ball. Stay in good down and distance, having to convert on third down and whatís going to be our best style of being able to get the ball downfield at times. Just keep working and get better. Itís not about changing a whole lot, itís about improving on the things weíre doing.

Q: Do you need more of an identity as an offense?

A: No. I think itís always down to execution. Weíve got to execute better and weíve got to covert on some things. Weíve got to find some completions at times and move in the pocket, buy some time. Just perform at a higher level.

Q: How did wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. look to you tonight?

A: I thought he moved around well, made some nice plays. It would be good to get him back more and more, get him back at practice, but I thought it was a good start.

Q: Are there a lot of plays getting blown up in your face because of a lack of time?

A: You know, theyíre a good front four. Some of the best players on their defense [are on] their front four, so we knew we were going to have to get the ball out quickly at times. They were playing some coverage where I thought I was going to have some chances to get the ball downfield and I knew I was going to have to buy some time, move around a little bit on those plays and just didnít have the opportunity on some.

Q: How do you feel about the way youíve played the last two games?

A: Well, I can play better. So, Iíve go to find ways to play better and get some completions, convert on third down. Thatís a quarterbackís job. Heís got to find ways to move the offense and move the ball and score touchdowns. So, weíre not doing that enough.

Q: How does the offense giving left tackle Ereck Flowers more help on that side change the offense?

A: Thatís part of it. Youíre going to have plays to help out your tackles when youíre going up against a good player and thatís something a lot of teams do and youíve got to do to help those guys out. Got the back to chip, got the tight end to chip a little bit. But we should be able to run the offense the same that way.

Q: How do you feel about your ability to play as well as you have in past years?

A: I feel I can play at a high level, I feel I can make all the throws and play at a high level and lead this team.

Q: Why do you think this team can work things out?

A: Well, I think weíve got good character guys on the team, itís important to them. Guys are going to stick together and keep working. The defense is playing tough and playing good defense. The offense has got to do our part. Weíve got to make the plays and weíve got to handle our part of the equation to fix this.

Q: Did you sense that Flowers was struggling with his confidence throughout the game?

A: No. I think heís out there competing like everybody. This isnít one person, this is a team, this is an offense that all of us have to perform at a higher level

Mdgiantsfan : 9/19/2017 5:35 am : link
no question about him taking a sack without being touched? lol
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