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Post-Game Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2017 1:27 am
TE Evan Engram

Postgame vs. Detroit, September 18, 2017

Re: touchdown catch

A: Safeties came down, it was a good play, itís a great design.

Q: Were you stunned when they called the penalty?

A: Oh yeah. I donít know what they were talking about, I did nothing intentional, but that was bull crap. That was not the intention, that was obvious. I havenít seen it, so I guess Iíll look at it.

Q: Describe your celebration.

A: I was just trying to dance. One of the guys came and bumped into me. I was really shocked by that. I didnít try to do anything intentional.

Q: Did you try to grab anything with your hand?

A: No. I was trying to talk to the refs to let them know, but I guess I accidentally touched something, but it was nothing intentional Ė it was a bad effort.

Q: How shocked are you that this offense canít get going?

A: Itís unacceptable. Everybody talks about playing complementary football, and weíve got to do that better. Got to get more physical up front, including myself, to get the run game going. Just got to make more big plays, got to make drives, got to drive down the field, get the defense off the field, score points. Itís just unacceptable.

Q: How frustrating is it when DE Jason Pierre-Paul makes the big sack and you guys come out the next play and turn it over?

A: Yeah, that was on me. That was frustrating. We were in good position to go down and gain some momentum. Just a bad play. Defense fights really hard for us to get in a good position, and weíve got to capitalize better. That play was on me. It was just unfortunate.

Q: The ball was behind you, were you not in the right spot?

A: Yeah, I couldíve run a better route. No matter what, if the ball touches my hands, Iíve got to come down with it.

Q: The one down the left sideline, did you end up getting hit?

A: Yeah, that was a good hit. He got me pretty good. So Iíve got no excuses, though. Iíve got to catch the ball.

Q: Did you sense the defender?

A: No, I thought I was wide open honestly. They went quarters, so he had his deep quarter, and the ball was there, he came down on it pretty good.

Q: What did the ref say to you after the penalty?

A: They didnít tell me anything. I thought the play was coming back when I saw the flag because I didnít know what was going on. I guess he saw what he saw, but that wasnít good. It was unacceptable.

Q: 1st & goal on the 1, Iím guessing you thought this is where you were going to turn it around?

A: Thatís just complementary football, weíve got to just play better together. Take out flags, take out penalties, we help ourselves a lot in this game. So weíve just got to play better together.

Q: Why were things so slow there with the delay of game?

A: We maybe changed personnel, trying to get a play call in, or quarterback making checks. They moved around a lot, lots of changes for us, so weíve got to do better.
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