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Post-Game Transcript: OL Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2017 1:40 am
OL Justin Pugh

Postgame vs. Detroit, September 18, 2017

Q: How do you prepare for playing at right tackle?

A: Just get in my playbook, make sure I know my plays. Because obviously theres a lot of nuances and little things. Obviously I know our basic plays and where Ive got to go. Theres a lot of nuances you can pick up on and just seeing defensive ends and knowing that theyre moving. I was able to get better, I think, throughout the game and do a little bit better, but obviously there were drives where we dried out in the second quarter, didnt help us.

Q: How shocked are you by the offense scoring 13 points in two weeks?

A: Im shocked. Obviously, weve got to put up more points than that.

Q: Do you have a sense of overall what is going wrong with the offensive line?

A: Well, right now, not much is going right. So, theres not much were not running the ball well, were not protecting the quarterback very well. Coach probably touched on it, were not playing complementary football. So, were not good overall.

Q: What can be done at this point to improve on offense?

A: A lot. A lot can be done. Obviously, weve got to get there and weve got to be our toughest critic. I think weve got to come together and start playing for each other and start playing as a team because right now, were just not playing up to our ability. To think maybe I dont know what were thinking. Last year we went 11-5 and went to the playoffs, we cant sleep on that. This is a new year, this is a new team. Ive said from the beginning of the season, this is the most talented team weve had on paper, but you cant go out there and just win on paper. Were not comparing teams in fantasy football. So, weve got to go out there and weve got to do it.

Q: Why dont you think the sum is not equaling the parts of this team?

A: Obviously, if I knew that answer, we would be able to make some changes. Weve got to look in the mirror. Weve got to go out there and weve got to go out and play better than this. Our defense is doing some really good things, weve got to put them in a better position. Weve got to at least get field position and win the field position battle because if we give the opposing offense a long field, then its hard to drive on our defense. And as long as we dont let them score easy points and get turnovers which lead to points, well win some games.

Q: Being on the road the next couple of games, how much does that put you guys even further in the hole?

A: It makes it tougher. But there was a team that was honored at halftime today that started 0-2 and gave up like 80 points, I think it was, in their first two games. Now its the offense thats got to pick up our end of the bargain up and Im looking forward to doing that.

Q: What do you say about two penalties inside the 5-yard line?

A: That was tough. I think if we score there, it kind of changes the dynamic of the game. When you get into the green zone, or the red zone, whatever you want to call it, you have to be at your highest level and you really have to lock in. You cant make mistakes that are going to really put us in a tough situation. So, to overcome 15 yards, thats tough. Weve got to get a touchdown there because if we get seven points there, it changes the whole game.

Q: As an offensive lineman, how do you pick up a holding inside the 5?

A: I didnt see it. They can call holding on any play, really, to be honest. Inside at guard, its tough to see it. There must have been some restriction for John Jerry to do it that he saw, but I have no idea.

Q: Is there anything differently that you try to do inside the five?

A: Finish the guy. I mean, Brett Jones, who they called it on, hes one of the most technically sound guys. He gets his hands inside every time. So, I dont know what happened.

Q: Was it surprising to see the delay of game penalty on Eli Manning?

A: Yeah, 10 normally has the right play in the right time. Obviously, he saw something and was trying to get a change. And [center] Weston [Richburg] told me when he snapped it, he thought there was still a second on the clock. And hes looking right at it because hes getting ready to snap it. So, I dont know. Weve got to look at the film.

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