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Post-Game Transcript: WR Brandon Marshall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2017 1:42 am
WR Brandon Marshall

Postgame vs. Lions, September 14, 2017

Q: Can you talk about how difficult that sequence was when you dropped the pass that lead to a punt return?

A: That was the moment. That was the biggest play of the game. I let my team down, I got an opportunity to make a big play and change the momentum and I lost it.

Q: Can you describe what made you miss the catch? Did you take your eye off it?

A: No, it was a perfect pass. I beat the guy really bad at the line of scrimmage, knew the ball was coming, saw the ball, at the last second lost it in the light and then I picked it back up and just dropped it. Just dropped it. Let the team down. That can't happen. When you get an opportunity in a big game like this, in that situation when you're down and you got an opportunity to go down and score and tie up the game, that can't happen.

Q: How shocking was it that a minute later, a punt return takes place. Did you feel the deflate on the sideline?

A: I just knew that my play was the play of the game. I let my team down. If I make that play, I'm confident that we go down and score, and that doesn't happen and that's on me. Sometimes you only get one or two opportunities in a game and it comes down to one or two plays. That was probably the biggest play of the entire game.

Q: Will that stay with you awhile?

A: No, it won't stay with me for awhile. It sucks because you have to deal with it all week and hopefully get an opportunity on Sunday to get that taste out of my mouth, help the team out. You know it just can't happen man.

Q: There was a couple of others. You got one hand on the ball earlier in that quarter. You just couldn't gather that in?

A: Yeah. Exactly right. I should've made that play as well.

Q: Do you feel yourself pressing at all? Do you have a reason or explanation to why you think it happened?

A: I don't think I'm pressing. I actually think I'm doing a good job. It's a new role for me, so I'm in the game and I'm trying to make plays where ever I can. Whether it's in the run game or the pass game. I got an opportunity tonight, I got a few opportunities tonight and I let my team down.

Q: When you say new role, what do you mean exactly?

A: It's a new offense, a new team.

Q: How are the ways this offense can improve on a short week?

A: It has nothing to do with a short week. You know football is football. Our system is in place, our plays are in place. We just have to make them, we just have to capitalize on our opportunities. So, if I made that play, it may be a different feeling in this locker room right now.

Q: Concerned that you are 0-2 and now you're going into Philly. Very active defensive team, is there a concern about digging a huge hole into this season.

A: Every game is important. So, we definitely got off to a slow start and we're behind the eight-ball. So, you just have to fight to get ourselves back into the position we want to be in.
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