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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/21/2017 3:17 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

September 21, 2017

Q: What happened on Detroit’s punt return touchdown last week?

A: We missed tackles, number one. And we played with poor leverage. So, those two combined, against good returners, not a good combination. Critical time of the game, we had an opportunity to change field position, we had a nice punt by Brad [Wing], nice distance, location. And we just didn’t get the job done with coverage. We’ve got to do a better job.

Q: Are you a little concerned about the battle of field positon at this point?

A: Well, it’s a team deal, right? I mean, offense, defense and special teams, combined with that, it’s not just one phase. So I think as a team we’re concerned about it. We want to do a better job stopping them, returning it and then driving it and then punting it down there. But it’s been too lopsided, you’re correct.

Q: Are the same problems in the return game happening each week?

A: The first week, we had one opportunity on a kickoff return, we had a nice kickoff return, [but] we had a penalty, and then everything else was in the plus-area, so we had to fair catch a majority of those. And then last week, we had a couple opportunities to return them. We had a 10-yard return, then a 0-yard return and we only had one kickoff return. So yeah, you want more opportunities, you want to do a better job with it.

Q: How do you think wide receiver Dwayne Harris has responded to returning kicks after dealing with an injury in preseason?

A: I think he’s done fine so far, yeah. He’s done a better job of catching the ball clean, which he was working on from the previous season. So we’ve just got to keep getting him better blocking to get him started.

Q: What happened on Aldrick Rosas’ kickoff last week that went out of bounds?

A: That was poor situational football. He’s got to understand that you’ve got to keep the thing in. We call it ‘deep kick middle’ and trying to do too much – which I think some of the guys are trying to do too much, instead of just your job and just kick it down there. And he’s trying to kill it and anytime you kill it as a kicker, you have the opportunity – that’s why we don’t put directional with it, we just want it down the middle so we can keep it inbounds. A costly penalty right there.
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