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Thursday Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/21/2017 4:57 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

September 21, 2017

Q: How do you feel physically after playing Monday night?

A: I came out straight. I didnít have any setbacks or anything like that. So, keep ramping up the rehab. Just try to get as good as you can get, you know what I mean?

Q: So, youíre still getting treatment on top of practice?

A: Yeah. I donít think thatís ever going to stop. Iíve been doing that since the hamstring. Going home, rehab, all of that stuff. So, I donít think thatís going to stop now.

Q: Is there a chance you might not be right for the whole season?

A: I mean, I donít know. The ankle is something you get on every single day. So, you never really know, but Iím going to get as good as I can get and I know once Iím comfortable cutting off in each and every way, I donít see that there will be any problems with it, even if itís not 100.

Q: Do you think about it a little bit?

A: Itís not so much I think about it, itís just like actually when you make the cut. I remember I tried to make a cut in the game and I ended up having to jump over him because I couldnít get up field. So, itís just little things like that, but itís coming back.

Q: Is it a matter of when you make a cut, you can still feel it?

A: Yeah, itís not so much a mental thing, itís when you actually go to make the cut and you turn out and you put force on it the same way that you created the injury, itís a little difficult.

Q: But the good news is that the medical staff clears you to play, now itís a matter of your tolerance, right?

A: Yeah, pretty much. Itís hard to get in the groove when youíre in and out. So, I look to play a lot more this week, in my opinion.

Q: Do you think youíre healthy enough to take over a game like you have in the past?

A: I mean I told you, my mind is on another level. I feel like I can take over a game at any time no matter ankle, anything like that. So, itís just a matter of getting those opportunities and making the most of them. Just playing as a team, we have to play better in each and every phase. Defense, special teams, offense. We just got to do better.

Q: With this team at 0-2, how much do you want to be the difference maker?

A: 0-2, 16-0, I always want to be a difference maker and I think last year around week 5, we were 2-3. So, there is not really any panic in my eyes. I know itís a long season. We didnít have a good start. I know itís clichť, but it is not about how you start, itís how you finish, but it really is.

Q: You said you think youíre going to play more this week. Is that your hope or do you expect to?

A: Thatís whatís going to happen.

Q: Are you lobbying the coaching staff or are theyÖ

A: No, Iím playing.

Q: When you were at LSU, did you matchup against Jalen (Mills) a lot?

A: Yeah, Jalen and I went at it every single day. We fought, we competed every day. So, this is a guy who Iíve gone against, a guy who Iíve competed against, have respect for and Iím happy to see him in the league and doing his thing. Unfortunately, he plays for Philly, but itís a guy who Iíve gone against, so I do expect to see him and the other corners as well. I know (Ronald) Darby went down, so they have some other guys filling in and stepping up and playing that role.

Q: Philly has pretty much owned you guys since you got here. Is there a common thread as to why this matchup is so difficult for the Giants?

A: I honestly couldnít tell you. I was thinking about it the other day. Iím like every time Iíve gone to Philly, weíve lost. They beat us at home, they just for some reason theyíve had our number, but this is our opportunity for a new year and to turn things around. This is a big game for us. We need a win and what better team to beat than Philly.

Q: Do you guys pay mind to Ben (McAdoo) being critical of Eli (Manning)?

A: To be honest, I used to pay a lot of attention to what is said outside of this building and stuff and now I really donít. Itís going to make no difference to me what somebody says outside of here. So, I donít pay any attention.

Q: But itís inside.

A: Well, itís outside because itís getting brought into here. He said it, but itís still getting written about. So, that to me isnít going to bother me. I am still going to talk to 10 the same way. Me and 10 are still going to have the same mentality each and every day. So, honestly there is nothing that can really be said thatís going to make me feel a way about somebody on this team.

Q: Do you still believe in him?

A: All day, every day. I talk to him about passing up whoever is in front of him, touchdowns, yards, all of that. We talk about all of that. So, do I believe in 10? Absolutely. Is he going to lead us there? Absolutely. Heís done it before and I donít see why he wouldnít do it again. He just had a slow start, you know?

Q: How frustrating is it as a receiver when you run routes and before you even turn back, Eli is on his back?

A: Itís frustrating to not get the ball. Frustrating is not really the right word, so donít quote me on that because now it will be Iím frustrated I donít get the ball. As a receiver, you want the ball, period. So, to look back and you see Eli getting sacked, especially if you feel like you got open on this route, you might have finally got your break, you get open and heís on the ground. Itís tough, itís tough and I feel like we havenít put our best foot forward, but thatís what you get these games for. Itís a chance to make yourself better and come out and do better than you did last week and thatís what we have to do.

Q: How do you stay even keeled despite the team being 0-2? Some people would say itís time to panic.

A: Those people arenít on this team, I donít think. I donít really see any panic. There is no fear in my heart about being 0-2. Itís just a time to dig deep, make plays when you need to make them, turn things around. You can go 0-5, win the next 11 and you never know. I think the Giants won a Super Bowl when they were 9-7 here, something like that. So, I donít really count us out.
Lots of leading questions, but  
CT Charlie : 9/21/2017 6:24 pm : link
OBJ doesn't take the bait. Well done.
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