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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Brandon Marshall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/26/2017 5:54 pm
WR Brandon Marshall

September 26, 2017

Q: Is it true that you spit in an Eagles fanís face on Sunday in Philadelphia?

A: No, absolutely not. I think that if anybody does that Ė a fan, or a player Ė should be suspended, should probably pay a fine, and you should have a public apology prepared and they need to read through it on camera. So, absolutely not. But, thatís the world we live in. Iím sure because there was a lot of cameras around, he had his camera, all of his buddies had their cameras out. There should be video evidence of anything on his face or on his body. So, Iím not worrying about that.

Q: What happened with the fan in Philadelphia?

A: Iím not worrying about that, next question.

Q: Did you think it was a bad idea to get into it with a fan?

A: No, not at all. Nope.

Q: Did the fan say anything to you before the incident?

A: If I spit in the guyís face, I told you guys what should happen and I feel the same way if a fan does the same thing. So, we can move on to the next question.

Q: How has the relationship between you and quarterback Eli Manning changed through the first three weeks of the season?

A: Well, weíre still in the honeymoon phase, but weíre approaching some rough times. Weíre sitting at 0-3, so thatís a little bit rough, but weíll be fine. We were able to connect on a few passes this past weekend and that was good.

Q: What leads you to believe that this team could be the fourth team ever to make the playoffs after starting 0-3?

A: The men in this room. Simple as that.

Q: What does the team have to do to take the next step and get a win?

A: I think we just have to build on the plays that we made out there. Offensively, some things clicked. So, we just have to continue to get better on the offensive side and I think weíll be alright.

Q: Do you think the offense is getting closer?

A: You know what, obviously thereís no moral victories, but we were able to do some things that we werenít able to do in the first two weeks, so thatís promising. If we build off of that, I think weíll be fine.

Q: How frustrating is this start for you?

A: Iíve been in this position before. Itís a long season, all kinds of things happen. Every year is different. So, Iím still happy. Obviously, itís not the ideal situation right now, but if youíve made it to this point, making it to the NFL, then youíre battle tested, you have a lot of mental toughness. Because this sport is hard, especially at this level with so much going on and so much on our plates. You have to be mentally tough to be able to sustain and continue to perform.

Q: Has the confidence level in the locker room faded at all?

A: No.

Q: What did you think of wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jrís touchdown celebration last week against Philadelphia?

A: Odellís creative and we all know that. Now I think he knows that itís a penalty and I donít know heíll do that again, knowing that heíll get flagged for that. We know the rules now and weíll be okay.

Q: Were players unhappy with Beckhamís touchdown celebration?

A: Well, every player in this room has contributed to our 0-3 start. So, weíve all got to look ourselves in the mirror and just continue to get better. It starts with ourselves.

Q: As a veteran in this league, do you have to sit down and talk with Beckham about his touchdown celebration?

A: Like I said, Odellís creative and now we know the rules. We know that itís a flag and weíll continue to be smart about our celebrations. But Odellís a smart guy and our best player and he needs to continue to perform at a high level and have fun while heís doing it.

Q: Did Beckham tell anyone that he was going to do his touchdown celebration?

A: Not me. I can only speak for myself.

Q: Were you surprised by Beckhamís touchdown celebration?

A: Well, I didnít know if it was going to be a penalty or not. So obviously, it is what it is.

Q: As a receiver, when you see Tampa Bay give up a lot of yards last week to Minnesota, does that light your eyes up a little bit?

A: No, every weekís different. You look at the Oakland Raiders, what they did to start the season. Then they go down to Washington and you see what happened. Denver, what they were able to do to the Cowboys and then play against the Bills and Buffalo had a great performance. The Jets had an awesome game this past weekend and they beat a very good team, the Miami Dolphins. So, any given Sunday.

Q: What is the one thing the team has to do better to win this week?

A: You know what, weíve just got to create some momentum and sustain. You just need to make a play or two and put some drives together and weíll be fine.

Q: Did you feel more comfortable last week against Philadelphia than the first two weeks?

A: Every week is going to get better and better for us. Itís a new offense, Iím a new guy here, so thatís expected. Iíve just got to make the plays when I get the opportunity. So, every week weíll get better and better.
He thought he had a real shot  
ATL_Giants : 9/26/2017 6:17 pm : link
at the playoffs coming here.

I did too.
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