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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/27/2017 4:07 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins

September 27, 2017

Q: Do you sense anything different about the team, now at 0-3?

A: I just feel like everybodyís got a sense of urgency around here now. I think we woke up. Just ready and excited to see us go on Sunday.

Q: What do you mean by you think the team woke up?

A: You see more energy. Everybody knows whatís at stake. Everybodyís moving around and just trying to find a way.

Q: Why did it take the team being 0-3 to find that energy?

A: I mean, itís not about how long it took. Itís just about whatís going on now. We understand the type of situation we put ourselves in and now weíve just got to come out and go strong.

Q: Is there anything you can do to help cornerback Eli Apple?

A: I just keep talking to him. Let him know what I see, help him out a little bit, as far as technique and lining up and what to expect from different formations. Heís going to get better.

Q: Are there specific things technique-wise that you suggest to him?

A: Just basically about the deep balls, the pass interferences that heís been getting lately, Iíve just been telling him, instead of him turning his head all the way around, just stay facing the man because heís already at that point where he doesnít have to turn his head and then the ball is underthrown and now heís reaching and grabbing. So, itís just small things like that.

Q: Normally they tell you to turn your head, youíre saying donít turn your head?

A: I mean, you only turn your head if youíre behind. But if youíre on top, thereís no need for you to face him off and if youíre on top, turn your head because itís going to be underthrown, or a back shoulder fade anyway. So, if youíre even or behind, I say you look and lean. Other than that, face off.

Q: What do you see from the Tampa Bay offense and quarterback Jameis Winston?

A: We know theyíre explosive. On the outside, theyíve got some big threat receivers. Jameis is going to try to force the ball and get it up anyway he can. Heís mobile and heís the leader of the team.

Q: Can Winston be prone to throwing interceptions after throwing multiple last week against Minnesota?

A: I mean, he can be prone to it, but you canít hold a guy to what he did last week. Each and every week, you only come out to get better and weíre just going to do what weíve got to do on the backend.

Q: What does Tampa Bay wide receiver DeSean Jackson do for their offense?

A: Heís explosive, a very, very good deep threat, quick, elusive. When he gets his hands on the ball, heís out of there. And just competitive and weíve got to be aware of that.

Q: Do you have to run long and hard against Jackson?

A: Youíve just got to do your job.

Q: Do you like the matchup with Jackson?

A: I mean, I like all my matchups. I just like to compete, I donít care who it is. Thatís how I take it every game.

Q: Is it more of a challenge when you go up against two receivers like Jackson and Mike Evans, who are completely different?

A: I just focus on doing my job. Whatever they give me, I just go in and do it to the best of my ability.

Q: How is your ankle feeling after the game in Philadelphia?

A: It was sore, but not crazy. Not too bad.

Q: How do you see the National Anthem protests around the league playing out?

A: I mean, you donít have to say too much. Everybody sees whatís going on and weíre noticing whatís going on and at some point youíve got to take a stand. And I feel like thatís what people and players around the league did. So, whatever way youíre going with it, in or out.

Q: Can you show your support without kneeling for the National Anthem?

A: I mean, in certain ways. Itís just how you want to express it, how youíre feeling at the moment. How hearing the National Anthem makes you feel at the time, when you know whatís going on around the world. You can take it all different way. Locking arms, like they said. Double kneeling, just praying. Just small things. Itíll work itself out.
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