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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/27/2017 4:12 pm
CB Eli Apple

September 27, 2017

Q: Is it a challenge facing the Tampa Bay offense, knowing their top two receivers, Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, have such different skillsets?

A: Yeah, like you said, they have different skillsets. So, with Jackson, we know heís a speed guy, he likes to go deep and thatís one of their things. But heís also been doing a little intermediate routes too, so weíve been watching that too. And then with Mike Evans, heís a little bit more physical, a little bit bigger. So in the red zone, they try to get him more fade opportunities and they try to set him up with that. Heís a bigger guy, he likes to push off at the top of the route and heís strong. So, itís something youíve just got to account for.

Q: From looking at the film of Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston, does he look more patient, or is he still the kind of player that can be baited into making mistakes?

A: Heís a confident guy, heís always been like that going back to college and heís the same way now. His arm is still strong, he has great receivers and he does his best to get them the ball.

Q: What do you feel like you need to do better?

A: Just everything. As the season goes on, you want to improve in all areas. You want to tackle better, you want to make better calls, you want to communicate more and of course you want to make more plays.

Q: Could the pass interference penalties called against you last week against Philadelphia have been avoided?

A: For sure. Just having better awareness of the situation and seeing the way the calls were going, you donít want to give [the refs] anything that they can easily call. So, just getting your head around not making too much contact with the receiver because if you make too much, obviously thatís a flag.

Q: The second pass interference penalty seemed like an uncatchable pass, right?

A: Yeah, it was uncatchable and I thought I was in better position than the receiver. So, they always tell you that you have a right to the ball, so thatís one thing. I was trying to go for the ball and make a play, but youíve got to learn from that and continue to just play your game.
I wish they'd ask him  
CT Charlie : 9/28/2017 7:53 pm : link
"From a technique standpoint, how do you try to avoid interference calls?" or
"If a player gets behind you, when are you supposed to look for the ball?" or
"How do you decide when to go for the ball yourself vs. knocking the ball out of the receivers' hands?"
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