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Thursday Transcript: Defensive End Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/28/2017 3:48 pm
Defensive End Olivier Vernon

September 28, 2017

Q: How is your ankle coming along?

A: Itís coming along great.

Q: Were you able to practice today?

A: A little bit here and there. Just trying to get back to myself. So, I practiced a little bit.

Q: How optimistic are you for Sunday?

A: I always try to stay positive. So, just trying to take it day by day.

Q: How are you testing it to make sure it is feeling better?

A: Just going through my daily routine. Practice, just as far as movement and weíll just see what happens.

Q: How can you guys improve stopping the run?

A: Everybody just sticking to their job and doing what they have to do. Honestly, itís very simple. So, we just got to keep focused on who we have up next and we got Tampa Bay. They got an explosive offense and we just got to do what we have to do and play Giants football.

Q: A lot of the missed tackles seem to be guys in position, they are just missing the tackle. Does that seem to be part of it?

A: I mean it could be all types of things. I know the quarterback last week he got a chunk of yards escaping and thatís on us as a defense. We got to do better as being responsible for our rush lanes and making sure that doesnít happen.

Q: Similar to Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston can be a threat inside and out of the pocket. What makes him so dangerous?

A: Even when heís escaping from the pocket and trying to make something happen, his eyes are always downfield. So, heís always trying to make a throw and make a play off of that. Heís a dangerous quarterback that can make something out of nothing.

Q: How much do you guys study the improvising of a quarterback?

A: Honestly, you can study all you want and if youíre not getting pressure on him and forcing him to go where you want to go then youíre not going to get a realistic look until game day. All you can do is just watch tape, watch film and be disciplined in yourself and know that we got to play Giants football and get after it.

Q: There is no question that youíre a gamer, but ankles tend to be chronic. The Giants are 0-3 and the urgency is at an all-time high, how do you balance those two?

A: Weíre still 0-3, but itís early in the season. Nobody in this locker room is panicking at all and nobody upstairs is panicking at all. We just got to stick to what we know, keeping it simple and playing Giants football, thatís it.

Q: Are you planning on continuing to sit for the national anthem?

A: You know I have no idea at this moment. Just got to wait until Sunday.

Q: Do you think a message was sent this weekend across the NFL?

A: I think there was a message, but I think people misconstrued what the message was. I think that was probably the biggest thing what went on these past few days and past few weeks.

Q: In what way did people misconstrue it?

A: I think people took it as a sign of disrespect when really, itís far from disrespect. Thereís rules and regulations and there are things as a citizen, you have a right to do and itís not about disrespecting anybody. I feel like people really got to do their research before they speak on certain things that they call and deem disrespectful.

Q: Did you get any feedback?

A: I think everybody did, I think everybody did. Itís a shame, everybody is not going to like you already as it is. Doing something like that, you just got to stand tall, honestly and keep it moving.
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