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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Brandon Marshall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/3/2017 7:47 pm
Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall

October 3, 2017

Q: How tough has this season been for you so far?

A: Were not winning, but its football, you know what I mean? I came here to win, were not winning, but Ive been through so much more in my life. Theres been times where weve used the oven to try to heat up the house. I remember taking showers with my older brother in the eighth grade because we didnt have hot water and we just wanted to get in as quickly as possible and we pumped each other up to take showers after basketball practice and football practice when its 50 degrees outside. Football makes you tough, football helps build your character. You come in a boy and you leave a man. So, being 0-4, it stinks, but theres worse things in life. And half the guys in this room have been through [what I have]. This is our job, were paid to do a job and weve got to get it done. We just need to find a win. We find a win, the environment will be so much better.

Q: Do you think the younger guys in the locker room need to be reminded that there are worse things in life than being 0-4?

A: So, let me do this. I respect you guys and your job, but I moved on to Los Angeles, weve moved on to Los Angeles. So, it sucks to be in this position. Its not the best position, but Ive got to play football. So, I dont want to spend all my time thinking about what we did in Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four. If we do that, then were not going to get out of this hole that we dug. So, Im moving on. So I respectfully decline any questions about our culture, any questions about our losing streak. My play my play hasnt been where I want it to be. I need to pick it up. But, Im not going to waste too much time talking about a losing environment. I came here to win, so hopefully that answers any questions you guys may have had outside of football.

Q: When you are trying to rebound after an 0-4 start, how much does it help to have a quarterback like Eli Manning, who has been through similar things?

A: Well yeah, I already talked about our situation. Were onto Los Angeles. Its a defense that a lot of us are familiar with. [Los Angeles Defensive Coordinator] Gus Bradley, a Seattle defense, his defense. Weve just got to find a way to win. I think weve got great guys. Youre talking about Eli, Elis a great leader. He never wavers, hes consistent and that type of stability at leadership helps out all the younger guys. Weve just got to go into MetLife this Sunday and find a way to get a win.

Q: How much would getting an early lead help?

A: Yeah, I mean, getting an early lead always helps. But, theres so many other ways to win football games, right? So, however it comes, we just need to figure it out. Well take any win right now. Were hungry. Were working hard. We have a great attitude and we have to figure it out.

Q: Do you find that confidence has been an issue for you when it comes to catching the ball?

A: You know what, I havent played the way Ive wanted to play. I hold myself to a high standard. The guys around here hold me to a high standard. Theres high expectations on all of us and looking at myself in the mirror, I want to pick up my play and Ill do that, but Im not going to waste too much time thinking about the past. If I do that, then the future is going to be really ugly.

Q: Do you find yourself thinking about lack of confidence in games or do you put that stuff past you?

A: Sure. Sure. I mean, its just - the San Diego Chargers. They present a lot of challenges, but theres also a lot of opportunities. So, Ill have my chances to help out the team and be a solution, right, instead of a problem. Well figure it out and well get rolling this Sunday.

Q: Los Angeles Chargers, you mean.

A: I said San Diego? Theyre the San Diego Chargers still. San Diego need to go back to San Diego. There goes your headline for it today. Yeah. San Diego, go back, go back.

He really went a little nuts there  
mattlawson : 10/4/2017 7:59 am : link
At the 0-4 question. Testy
This guy should be sitting on an NFL Network show somewhere  
PatersonPlank : 10/4/2017 9:16 am : link
rather than trying to catch passes. In fact I always get the feeling he is interviewing for his first commentators job. He is done.
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