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Wednesday Media Transcript: OL Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2017 4:26 pm
G Justin Pugh

October 4, 2017

Q: Do you see things on film that shows you the Chargers are still figuring things out?

A: Itís still early in the week. Obviously, if I saw anything, I probably wouldnít tell you anyways. So, weíll see.

Q: Coach Ben McAdoo said that he wants everyone to be more instinctive. Is he asking you to dumb it down or is he simply saying to just go out and play?

A: I think heís just trying to tell us not to press. When you get down into a hole at 0-4, you get down in a game, you start pressing. Everyone is trying to make that big play or that big block. Just go do your job. Keep it stupid simple. Thatís kind of like the old saying and thatís what weíre going to do.

Q: The Chargers have two great pass rushers in Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. What challenges do they pose?

A: They both get after it. Theyíre multiple. They do different things. They have a variety of rushes that theyíre very good at. Itís probably good for us. Weíve gone against Olivier Vernon and JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) during camp, so our tackles should be ready. Then, go out there and put a score on the board early is our goal.

Q: How do you feel about potentially going back to left guard with T Bobby Hart back out there?

A: Iím feeling comfortable at both spots right now. So, wherever they need me. Last week, I was getting ready if I had to go play center, I was going to go play center. So, itís just wherever the wind takes me.

Q: Does that work the same way with T Bobby Hart?

A: Heís really never played guard. He played a little bit in the preseason last year. But, yeah, I mean I feel like he would be able to do that if he needed to. What do you think?

Q: Is it hard to flip sides on the offensive line?

A: Flipping sides is hard.

Q: Is it hard to flip positions?

A: I find it fun. Itís like a new challenge. A lot of times going in and getting some center reps this week, too, it was like alright something totally different, something totally new. So, itís kind of interesting. It kind of keeps me on my toes. It helps me be a better guard eventually when I go back to my natural position because I know the struggle as a tackle and I know how to better communicate with Ereck (Flowers) and work with Ereck because I know the stresses in the protections and where he needs help. So, itís something that I think is going to make me a better player overall and then hopefully Iíll be able to show it.

Q: Have you ever played center in a game?

A: Never in a game. No.

Q: Is the prep that much more difficult not knowing where youíre going to play position-wise?

A: Yeah. I mean, obviously. What makes you a good player like from good to great, having a really good game and shutting the guy down, itís the little nuances of the position where I know I can cheat my set. Where I know I can kind of get a cut block or switch up my set on him and get a short set as opposed to just dropping back. Those are the things that are going to dictate and thereís a big difference for me playing Detroit to playing last week. I was able to have a variety of things in my arsenal that I wasnít probably when I first got thrown in there. So, thatís something that makes a big difference and getting the practice reps and seeing how itís going to unfold and going against those certain looks definitely helps you out.

Q: Talk about studying in terms of breaking down film when you donít know where youíre going to play. Do you put double time in?

A: Sure. You have to. You have to. And, thatís been the same way for the past three weeks. I knew everything about Gerald McCoy in case I was going to play guard last week. But, hey, wherever they need us to be, all five of us have to go play as a unit and play. I think weíre getting better. I think that adversity has brought us closer and weíre going to continue to build off that.

Q: Do Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram flip-flop?

A: Yeah.

Q: Do you take pride in the fact that youíve played two games at tackle and QB Eli Manning hasnít been sacked?

A: I mean, thatís a credit to everybody. Weíre getting some chips. Weíre getting the ball out quick. The receivers are making plays. Weíre running the ball a little bit better. Itís still not where we need to be, but better and guys are helping out. (D.J.) Fluker had a great play where he came and cleaned up the D-end on one play and itís more of a Ė we talk about playing complementary football Ė the thing is complementary offensive line play where we know where the stress is on the protection and we help each other out there.

Q: Did RB Wayne Gallman give you a spark?

A: Yeah. Definitely. He did some good things. Scored a touchdown. Thatíll definitely get you going. Iím happy for him and seeing him get some touches. But, we have to continue to just keep doing our job up front and getting better and better every week.

Q: When did you start to do the double duties as far as game prep?

A: Going into that Detroit game, I knew there was a chance I might Ė I think I did half a practice. I never did a full-padded practice there, so I maybe got like 10 reps at right tackle before the Detroit game. Then at the Detroit game, I was solely right tackle. So, it was good to go out there and kind of knock some rust off of that position.

Q: How do you think the offensive line has responded to the criticism?

A: I think itís brought us closer. I think weíve done, weíre still not where we want to be, but weíre just getting better and weíre just playing more for each other. Itís more of a complementary O-line play like I just said like where we know thereís stress in the protection, we kind of get another guy out there to help whoever it is. Or, if we know we have a chip, to kind of play to that modifier Ė whatever the case may be.

Q: You had to adjust early with Gerald McCoy. It seemed like you had to plan B quickly in that game.

A: No. itís just guys going out there and a lot of guys are playing new positions for the first time. So, it was just kind of settling down and getting ready to go. There was some crazy weather to start that game, too, so it took us a couple drives. We got settled down and then we were good to go.

Q: How weird was it for you look around and only see T Ereck Flowers in his normal spot?

A: It was musical chairs, man. It was funny. Like I said, Iím enjoying it. Iím enjoying the chaos thatís been the offensive line this year. Itís been fun for me just to Ė we find out what youíre made of when adversity strikes and youíre 0-4 and then everybodyís saying itís the O-lineís fault and weíre finding out some good things about myself and some good things about the character of the guys in the room.
Blah blah blah  
sinister_bee98 : 10/4/2017 4:40 pm : link
Lockerroom lawyer
Anyone ever notice  
sinister_bee98 : 10/4/2017 4:44 pm : link
how Pugh talks like its the 1st day in football camp and everyones learning all these lessons and growing?

The OL has sucked his entire time here - going on 5 years - and he has to learn to play to his chip blocks?

GTFO. Hoping the Giants arent dumb enough to give this poser big $$$
Vanzetti : 10/4/2017 6:00 pm : link
The sooner the Giants get rid of this assclown the better. Any more comments about how he expects to make 50 million in his next contract?
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