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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Jonathan Casillas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2017 4:31 pm
LB Jonathan Casillas

October 4, 2017

Q: Do you sense that the defense hasnít been flying around as much as it did last year?

A: Yeah. To a certain extent. I feel like last year, early in the season, we werenít that good defensively and we got better. So, I think weíre there now. We just donít have any wins to stand up for that. Last year, I feel like we were kind of back and forth. We had some signs of being really good, but we werenít really good yet. We had to get better throughout the season and I think thatís still in front of us. 0-4 just doesnít look that good. We were 2-2 last year at this point. We lost two straight and we ended up losing three straight. So, hopefully we can correct it. I have the upmost confidence that we will and itís a play here, play there, field goal here, field goal, missed field goal. We would be 2-2. But, you could say the same thing last year. I donít talk about Ďwhat ifísí. I probably just did for the last two minutes. But, I mean, I think we have a great locker room. Offense has started to figure it out and now defense, we have to start figuring it out.

Q: How important is it for you as a leader to keep everyone together and not fractured?

A: Itís huge. 0-4, nobody wants to sit there without a win and if you go back, we havenít had a win. We lost the last five games. We have to include that Green Bay game. Maybe itís some carryover from there. Nobody has talked about that yet. I mean, maybe. We did get beat pretty good at the end of the season last year. Hopefully, itís not beating us one, two, three, four, five times now. Hopefully itís not. We have to correct it. I think the way weíre approaching practice today, we had a great practice, and I donít know about the dumbing down of the calls because I still feel like we had some calls out there. But, we have to be able to handle it. Last year, the playbook was wide open and we had the guys to do it and besides a couple guys, we got everybody back. So, we have to be able to handle it. We have to be able to go out there and stop people, get up the field and not let people catch balls behind us and not leave people running on the field wide open. Canít do stuff like that.

Q: Did you change something at practice today as a team?

A: I think it was just the attitude that we had. Everybody had that attitude that we were going to get better today. We werenít going to make a mistake. We werenít going to be on the ground. Weíre all going to be on the same page. Everybody had the same attitude and demeanor and I think you saw that today at practice.
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