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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/5/2017 3:51 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

October 5, 2017

Q: When both your kicker and punter had bad kicks last week, are you more of a tactician or psychologist for them?

A: You always have to be a little bit of both. [Punter] Brad [Wingís] Ė obviously that punt, itís something we addressed the week before, we addressed it again and now heís got to go out and heís got to do it in the game. Heís had a very good week of practice, so weíll see. [Kicker] Aldrick [Rosas] just pushed his kick down there. So, weíve been pleased with his progress.

Q: What kind of things do you say to Wing to get him back on track?

A: Well, you look at the fundamentals and we review that and then heís got to trust it. Heís got to trust what he does and go out there and perform. So, thatís kind of where weíre at. Again, youíve got to practice well and then youíve got to go out and compete and youíve got to have thick skin. So, heís mentally tough, heís got thick skin and so now heís got to step up and perform.

Q: Wing has a long resume to fall back on, right?

A: Yeah, I mean last year we had [successful] punts in the fourth quarter Ė against the Rams we put one 45 yards out of bounds, against Detroit, Dallas. So, heís done it before, itís a point of just getting him back on the horse and getting him some confidence going.

Q: How do you make sure Rosas keeps his confidence, when he doesnít have a resume to fall back on?

A: Kickers are going to miss them, they have to be able to bounce back. So, thatís really the difference between guys in the NFL and the guys that arenít in the NFL. You canít let one kick pull you down, youíve got to step back up and stay true to your form and nail the next one.

Q: How much does it help Wing to have a guy like former Giants punter Jeff Feagles constantly around the building?

A: I donít think Jeffís around that much with him. Heís more doing media stuff like you guys. Itís nice to have someone in the building that understands what youíre going through, which Jeff does. So, thatís where the big help comes.

Q: Is this a big week for Rosas, being the first chance for you to see how he bounces back from adversity?

A: I donít think necessarily. I mean, he missed one kick. His kickoffs were excellent, he did everything we wanted there, the other kicks he made. So, every kickís a big kick in this league because every gameís so close. They come down to the fourth quarter, thatís what weíve been stressing. Youíve got to kick, punt late and youíve got to perform.

Q: How do you think Rosas responded, mentally, in practice this week?

A: Heís been good. Been good, yeah.

Q: When a team is 0-4, is there more pressure on the special teams units to make something happen?

I think thereís pressure on everybody. But thatís what youíve got to watch about. Youíve got to just do your job and not try to do too much because thatís when you get into problems. So, just focus in and do what we do, do what we can handle. Itís been hard to get kickoff returns going because I think, 70, 60 percent of them are touchbacks. So you canít make an impact there with [wide receiver] Dwayne [Harris]. Sixty percent of the punts have been fair caught, so itís hard to make an impact there. So you hope as the weather starts to change and you can get some returnable balls that you do get a momentum-changing play. Weíve not been very good with that. We missed a couple last week, with the punt inside the five. That wouldíve been a great way to kind of kick start, get some momentum for everyone. Gives the defense momentum, gives the team momentum, gives the punter momentum. So, weíve got to make sure when weíre in a position to make the plays that weíre supposed to make, that we do.
Why donít they ask him ¬†
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 10/5/2017 7:26 pm : link
How continues to have a job with the Giants given that they never have plus plays but often have minus plays?
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