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Friday Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/6/2017 3:36 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

October 6, 2017

Q: When guys are dropping passes, it is as simple as going back to the basics and focusing on concentration or is there more to it?

A: Itís a little concentration. Also, you know, trying to do too much, trying to make a play before you secure the catch. Going back to basics, you have to work on those things. Just not pressing, just let the plays come to you.

Q: How surprised are you that youíre dealing with dropped passes since you have guys like WR Odell Beckham Jr. and WR Brandon Marshall?

A: Itís something you have to deal with. Itís part of the football culture. You coach enough, you learn enough. So, you just have to weather the storm and continue to go back to the basics like we said before and just work on it.

Q: WR Odell Beckham Jr. said he thinks part of the dropped passes is because of the timing. Do you have to tell him to stop?

A: Just be consistent and just take your steps. Do what you need to do and then punch a pivot at the top and then it all works in line. So, everything is timing, rhythm, spacing. Things of those nature. Just trust it.

Q: What has it been like to try and get into a rhythm?

A: Itís timing, but itís a good thing. Thatís one of the things Ė itís all about precision. So, when you want to, you know, everything that we do is in line strictly with the quarterbackís drop.

Q: Is there anything different that the wide receivers are doing in particular to speed up?

A: Itís not that you speed up the process. Itís just different things are called to pair with different drops with the quarterbacks. So, just being consistent. Thatís all.

Q: Have you seen WR Sterling Shepard take a step in progress?

A: Yes. Heís progressing well. Again, good, young player. Heís eager to learn. Heís good in the classroom. Heís doing all the things off the field, on the field and heís just Ė Iím happy with where heís going and he wants more and he wants to do more.

Q: How did you handle dealing with WR Odell Beckham Jr.ís celebration and did you talk to the guys about celebrations in general?

A: Yes. Iíve always talked to him. Talked to him afterwards and he understands where weíre at and then weíre good.

Q: What is your message to your unit in instances like the celebration?

A: Just, you can live in the moment and celebrate and do those things, but we want to make sure that we take care of our team and do the things we need to do.

Q: What have you seen from WR Roger Lewis?

A: Iíve seen some good things with Roger. Roger is doing well. Heís progressing. Again, young player. Iím pleased at this point where heís at.

Q: What is it about WR Sterling Shepard you see him doing better this year than in the past?

A: Well, different, itís just soaking in more of the coverages, the knowledge, the defense and whatís the scheme and just kind of when youíre young you just want to do the right things what coach says. So, what any other Ė Coach (Ben) McAdoo says, what Coach (Mike) Sullivan says, what I say. Instead of just taking, now his next step is ownership and understanding whatís going on and whatís happening and why we call different things for particular reasons. So, heís going to that next level of learning those things.

Q: Do you see WR Sterling Shepard making that next step in the classroom?

A: Yes.

Q: Is that the biggest difference for WR Sterling Shepard?

A: Yes. Like, weíll talk about different instances during the game and heíll say, ĎYeah. I remember that play, coach,í like he already in his mind has seen plays, has studied tape and so heíll call out different things like different plays heís seen.

Q: How do you feel your unit has blocked?

A: It could be better. Receivers and blocking could always be better. Itís never as good as you want it as a receiving coach because thatís what springs and thatís what helps long runs Ė the explosive runs. So, in order for us to continue on this path and get explosive runs, the receivers Ė you have to be an integral part in the core part of the run game.

Q: How has WR Brandon Marshall done with blocking?

A: Heís done well. Heís done well. Assignment wise Ė he blocks his man and not too many times his man makes a play, so he takes him out of the play.

Q: That seems to be a part that almost gets lost because most people donít see wide receivers block.

A: Of course. Right. Of course.

Q: How much do you harp on the importance of your unit blocking and also the fact that people donít always see that?

A: You harp on it a lot because with anything, itís 90 percent wanting to. Itís 10 percent technique because the desire and the will to go there and to block the safety or to do certain things. So, itís just something that you continue to coach on. Even with the little step, the flat-lead step. Doing things to get proper angles to where you need to be.

Q: What has it been like to deal with WR Brandon Marshall since you donít know him well, but heís a veteran and heís struggling?

A: Coaching as long as I have, itís one of those things where you form relationships with players and you help them. So, heís been staying the course and staying the process. He had a great day yesterday and heís a veteran, heís a pro. So, he comes out and he works hard.

Q: Head Coach Ben McAdoo mentioned that some of WR Brandon Marshallís drops may be confidence related. What do you do to try and boost a guy like that in terms of confidence?

A: Itís just positive. Positive energy. Itís about the next play. Thatís just like any game or any play. The best one is the next one. So, you have to have short-term memory, which is hard when youíre pressed at times because you want to do well. You want to play well and make a play for your team. So, the thing is, you just have to stay the course and be steady. Remember, again, itís a marathon. It is not a sprint. So, just make the plays that are there.

Q: Were you able to do that the other day during the game?

A: During the game, during the course. Oh you have to. Thatís what you tell him. You have to coach that, you have to preach that. Continue to play, itís over with. Letís move to the next one. Itís a marathon, not a sprint. And continue just to harp on good energy and good things and move on past that because nobody wants to drop a pass on purpose. Nobody does that, itís going to hurt their team so you got to understand that. So when youíre a player, especially receiver, a skill position, itís one of those things where you want to be accountable and make plays for the team and we just got to stay the course, stay the process.

Q: Can you see it eating at him though?

A: Of course, thatís part of it. Thatís human nature. He just wants to do so well and I donít think itís a struggle mentally, itís just the process of just pressing. Just keep the main thing, the main thing.

Q: Can he still be effective on the 50/50 jump balls?

A: Yes. He can still be effective. Heís a big range for his radius, but heís still effective.

Q: Do you find yourself preaching patience to your guys a lot more than they would like this year because like Odell (Beckham) said, what receiver wouldnít want to make a big play? It seems like you guys are running more quick hitters and not as much over the top.

A: Right. You just got to stay the course. Coach (Ben) McAdoo, Coach (Steve) Sullivan have a plan for us and our job is to execute their plan. And my job is to coach the plan and make sure we execute it. So when he calls it, we run it, we do what weíre supposed to do, so that is part of it. Everybody wants to do the big things, but itís the consistent things every day that I preach. You can be a big play type guy at any position, but are you doing the consistent things well? Those things are going to come naturally.
how come our guys are never wide open  
Paulie Walnuts : 10/6/2017 3:57 pm : link
like I see other teams receivers be
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