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What do you want to see the rest of the season?

Sean : 10/7/2017 9:23 am
It's 10/7, a ton of football to be played, yet we sit here at 0-4 after a season full of expectations. It feels awfully like 2003.

A couple of things for me:

1. Can McAdoo rally the troops to an 8-8 finish? This is his a huge test for him & something he can really build off of if the wheels don't fall off. Last years 11-5 was the result of a fresh start and massive resources bought in on defense- that initial wave has ended. If you believe McAdoo is HC material, these next 3 months will go a long way in determining this.

2. Eli. If he plays well this year despite a poor offensive line, I think he should still be the guy here for the next 2-3 years. BUT, if you are advocating for a house cleaning (that argument is a strong one), you don't clean house and then keep a 37 year old QB which he will be next year.

3. Beckham. Huge talent & bigger personality. How does he handle a potential 4-12 season?

Will be very interesting.
A run game  
Rjanyg : 10/7/2017 9:41 am : link
And a pass rush. It might mean a couple of wins.
at least 10 wins  
arniefez : 10/7/2017 9:46 am : link
or at least 10 loses. Anything in the middle is awful.
I don't usually say this and I will root like hell on game day  
Reb8thVA : 10/7/2017 9:51 am : link
But part of me wants to see the bottom fall out. For the last 4-5 years we've been spinning our wheels and I do fear that a 7-9 finish or 8-8 will provide just enough of a rationale to keep things as they are. Let the flaming commence.
I would like to see  
Reb8thVA : 10/7/2017 9:53 am : link
Engram emerge as the #2 receiving threat
The only thing I care about is Eli not dying  
robbieballs2003 : 10/7/2017 10:12 am : link
One win  
Route 9 : 10/7/2017 10:18 am : link
12 wins?  
Matt M. : 10/7/2017 10:19 am : link
Seriously, I would like to see some semblance of them salvaging the season. I'm not sure how many wins would "satisfy" me, since I expected about 11 wins on the season. I also have no clue what is realistic. I think the talent is there to win every week. I have no faith in the front office or coaching staff.

If the season plays out similarly to the first 4 weeks, there are few things I want this off-season. I want Reese fired or re-assigned. I want the new GM to hire a new HC and entire coaching staff. And, I want to trade down and stockpile picks.
Eli break his brother's start streak?  
Scyber : 10/7/2017 10:30 am : link
I mean that is about all that we have to look forward to.

Of course with this O-line not even that is guaranteed.
The bottom of the beer bottles  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/7/2017 10:32 am : link
that this team is making me consume in rapid fashion.

Seriously, a win would be nice.
hitdog42 : 10/7/2017 10:36 am : link
1) does the Mcadoo system work? Is he willing to adapt?
2) What does Eli have left
3) Is Pugh worth resigning? and to play which position?
4) Is Richburg that much better than Jones? and worth resigning?
5) Can Fluker be the RG of the future?
6) What position is Flowers?
7) Can Gallman be the dynamic threat?
8) Is Spags the right guy for the D job? lots of talent with little dominance.
9) is the FS of the future on the roster?
10) Can anyone on the roster cover TEs?
11) Can anyone on the roster return punts
12) Can Roger Lewis be a reliable WR next year?

If we can get answers on most of those... than any record here on out is fine by me... though 12-4 would look best!

My wish list  
theold5j : 10/7/2017 10:41 am : link
1st pick,
Mcadoo fired,
Reese fired
not to finish with 5-7 wins  
AnnapolisMike : 10/7/2017 10:53 am : link
That would suck.

finish 8-4 or better and make a run at it is ideal.
Eli owns all : 10/7/2017 10:55 am : link
We need to have a top 5 pick. Clean house hire a gm first so they can bring in their people. Get a younger coach like rams did that is creative.

Top 5 pick gives us 5 options

Qb - darnold or Rosen
LT - Trey Adams(Washington) or Mike McGlinchey(notre dame)
Rb - Barkley

I prefer Barkley as the last option of the 5 as I feel we can get a really good rb in the 2nd Royce freeman. If we go qb Eli is still the guy unless we start the season the same way. I feel this is the only way we can change this teams mentality is with a full house cleaning.
I think I'd rather have a top 5 pick  
Vanzetti : 10/7/2017 11:05 am : link
Than a 6-10 season
Remainder of season: easy, youth improving  
SGMen : 10/7/2017 11:10 am : link
I want a 9 - 7 record and possible last wildcard. I really do but going 9 - 3 the rest of the way with this schedule is likely not very realistic.

8 - 8 and McAdoo likely keeps his job and with an easier EAST schedule next year maybe we make a run? I don't know.

If Eli is the guy,  
Simms11 : 10/7/2017 11:24 am : link
then there’s no doubt the Oline has to get much, much better. He needs a pocket.
At 0-4,what do I want to see?  
The_Boss : 10/7/2017 11:39 am : link
At least 8 more losses. Put this franchise into position to draft Eli's successor.
arcarsenal : 10/7/2017 12:11 pm : link
It depends how the next few weeks go.

If we win on Sunday and look good in doing so, I'm going to keep rooting for the team to win week by week.

The hole is about as big as we can afford it to be at this point. The team is sunk if they can't win 2-3+ in a row. Odds are they're probably sunk anyways - but it's week 5.

What I want to see is more Wayne Gallman. I want to see this defense play like the defense we saw last year. I don't want to see Bobby Hart back at RT ever again.

If we lose a few more, I'd rather just tank, get a good pick, get rid of McAdoo and clean house.

It really depends what happens the next few weeks. I'm expecting more of the same garbage but I'm not quite ready to pack it in on October 7th.
Doomster : 10/7/2017 3:49 pm : link
1. Can McAdoo rally the troops to an 8-8 finish?

If he can, where was he in the first 4 games?

2. Eli. If he plays well this year despite a poor offensive line, I think he should still be the guy here for the next 2-3 years.

I said in another post, hard decisions have to be made this off season, based on playing for now or for the future......problem is, the front office has been ramming down our throats, the last 6 years, we are only one or two players away.....that decision has helped to put us in the situation we are in now...

3. Beckham. Huge talent & bigger personality. How does he handle a potential 4-12 season? Like I said hard you sell the farm for him? Who will be throwing to him? Or is it time to face reality?
Do people really sooth their emotions by  
Route 9 : 10/7/2017 3:57 pm : link
drinking over a poor football performance in a football game? Just curious...
I want to see  
crick n NC : 10/7/2017 4:13 pm : link
Eli put up good stats, and for Evan engram to show he can be a good player here for a long time
World Peace  
Sarcastic Sam : 10/7/2017 4:18 pm : link
And an end to poverty. (Except in Phialdelphia).
what I want to see rest of season....  
micky : 10/7/2017 4:22 pm : link
the leaves change in October

fall by November

some snow in december, Jan, feb...

then onto next season...the draft in april
Bluesbreaker : 10/7/2017 5:11 pm : link
1) No and No not with Eli .
2) 2-3 More seasons he still has good zip on the ball
3) Yes I like Pugh he is versatile & possibly the only keeper
4) No & No Jones is ok as a backup lacks the power IMO
5) He needs to show that through this year has to prove It
6) Flowers might turn out to be a good guard .
7) If he becomes a legitimate receiving threat possibly
8) I like Spags but the talent is overrated LB's & DE's
9) No Adams good backup Thompson really looks terrible .
10) No Collins makes some good plays but not enough of them
11) OBJ but after that No too risky as a FT returner
12) Lewis is a decent backup and good on specials he could get better over time .
There are plenty of holes on this team We could easily
end up with three new starters on the offensive line .
The linebackers are terrible outside of Goodson Need a
speedy cover LB and a pass rushing LB . I think we screwed
the pooch with Vernon and JPP but we had to retain them
thinking this team would be playoff bound .
Not sure what they can do with Thompson maybe he is still
not physically confident . Adams is a back up IMO .
The RB position needs a speed/power guy that can tote is 20-25 times a game . I honestly don't see them winning this week either
Hope I am dead wrong this season so far is a huge disappointment ..
I'd like Wheeler to get some starts at LT, Flowers some at RG  
yatqb : 10/7/2017 6:02 pm : link
(although I think the guy can't pass block effectively anywhere), Jones become the starter at C, and finish with a poor enough record that Reese and Ross and some of the old scouts are let go and we get a very high pick.
bc4life : 10/7/2017 6:34 pm : link
said defense seems to be thinking too much. So, maybe simplify things so they can play faster.

On offense - all starts up front, just get better.
1. JPP playing angry.  
CT Charlie : 10/7/2017 8:48 pm : link
2. Eli Apple tracking the ball.
3. Brandon Marshall fighting for the ball and catching it.
4. Ellison chipping, blocking and receiving. (Not his fault.)
5. McAdoo being a head coach only. How bad can Sullivan & Eli be at calling the plays?
6. 3rd down passes completed beyond the sticks.
7. OBJ practicing two-handed catches during warmups.
8. OBJ scoring touchdowns and handing the ball to the referee.

I don't know.  
Rick5 : 10/7/2017 8:58 pm : link
In terms of making the playoffs, the season is already over. I would like to see them beat the redskins twice because I hate the redskins. As far as next year goes, I am just going to hope for the best.
what I want to see is the Giants rip off  
gidiefor : Mod : 10/7/2017 9:39 pm : link
12 wins in a row and then rip through the playoffs to win the Superbowl - well - yes that is what I want to see
OMG - we need wins. Cannot make this season irrelevant  
Jimmy Googs : 10/7/2017 11:28 pm : link
before November.

As bad as it is now, it would be simply awful at 0-7...
Honestly ....  
USAF NYG Fan : 10/8/2017 5:47 am : link
For the entire NFC East to crap the bed this year and the Giants make the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Then winning the SB topping their 2011 9-7 record w/ a SB win.

However unlikely.
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