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If we draft in the top 3

EJJ : 10/8/2017 4:57 pm
If the Giants pick a top quarterback what happens to Eli? His contract is eating up a lot of the cap he's not going to want to sit does he play one more year with the future quarterback on the bench or does he demand a trade because he has a no-trade clause the Giants can't train them
Eli plays in 2018  
dpinzow : 10/8/2017 4:57 pm : link
but leaves after 2018. They can't do anything with Eli's contract until after then as the cap hit is too excessive
He will be cut  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 10/8/2017 4:58 pm : link
Pretty simple.
GIve the kid two seasons  
spike : 10/8/2017 4:59 pm : link
To get tutored by the best
RE: He will be cut  
dpinzow : 10/8/2017 5:00 pm : link
In comment 13636572 BigBlueDownTheShore said:
Pretty simple.

They would have to eat $18.6 million as a cap hit. It's impossible to do anything before the 2019 season. What will most likely happen is the situation that occurred in 2004 with Eli as Kurt Warner's position and the new QB as Eli
Traded to Jacksonville  
jeff57 : 10/8/2017 5:00 pm : link
RE: Traded to Jacksonville  
dpinzow : 10/8/2017 5:01 pm : link
In comment 13636596 jeff57 said:

Only if JAX decides to be charitable and eat most of the money as part of working a new deal with Eli
It makes me sick to not have Eli finish as a giant  
Essex : 10/8/2017 5:17 pm : link
but in this league if you have the chance for a franchise qb for a generation you have to take it. With that said, I really donít want to think about it until the draft. I am a fan, not a GM (as someone put it in another thread). I love Eli and it makes me sick that this is how it will probably end.
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