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Post-Game Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2017 5:49 pm
Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul

Postgame vs. Los Angeles Chargers, October 8, 2017

Q: Where do you go from here?

A: Back to the film room. Back to the film room and see what we did wrong. They outplayed us and they won the game.

Q: Is it getting frustrating that you guys had the leads late, but you canít hold the lead?

A: To tell you the truth, very frustrating. All we can do is go back and look at the film, tell you whatís going on. Appreciate every guy that played their heart out, but it just wasnít enough. It wasnít enough to win us the football game and all we can do is go back and see whatís going on. Thatís all we can do.

Q: Have you ever seen that many wide receivers go down?

A: Hey man, this is the game of football man. Anything can happen at any given moment, right? Anybody can go down. I hope those guys are alright, but next man has got to step up. Thatís the game of football. You canít feel sorry for anybody. None of you feel sorry for me if I go down. Next man has to step up. This is what we live to do.

Q: I mean there was no next man though.

A: We got to find a way. Thatís offense, I canít really worry too much about that side of the ball. Iím strictly defense.

Q: What was the message from (Ben) McAdoo after the game?

A: Keep our heads up. You already know itís going to be positive. Thatís what the head coach is going to do. But at the end of the day, those guys got to look deep in the mirror and if you feel like you didnít play your heart out, then youíre only cheating yourself. Like I said, I feel like every guy played their heart out, it just wasnít enough to win. We had a mindset coming in here and actually winning the game, but that didnít happen. You could see it in everybodyís eyes before the game started. Everybody was synched as one, but like I said, we just didnít win the game.

Q: Is it tough to stay into the game emotionally when Odell (Beckham) gets hit like that?

A: Like I said man, Odell is a great player. Injuries do occur. So, hopefully he is able to come back, but the next guy has got to step up. Like I said, I donít worry too much about the offense. Iím strictly defense and worry about how the defense plays.

Q: How tough is it going to be to keep your heads up after a loss like this?

A: Itís only five games. We still have a lot more games to go. We are going to figure it out some way, somehow. We got to figure it out, right? We got to figure it out. We canít keep losing, you know what I mean?

Q: What happened with you when you kept lining up offside?

A: Basically, Russ (Okung) was set back deep and I didnít really pay attention to that. I asked the ref and he gave me a warning maybe twice and I asked him whatís going on? And heís like your hand is offside. So I tried to back my hand up. I canít tell you my specialty, but I basically got caught three or four times. But thatís not what caused us to lose. Stuff like that is going to happen in the game. It is what it is. Onto the next play.
Q: Where have you been all year?  
BigBlue4You09 : 10/8/2017 6:01 pm : link
Considering that San Diego's lone 1st half TD was almost entirely  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 10/8/2017 6:06 pm : link
his fault, I'd disagree about those offsides penalties not being what caused them to lose the game.
EJJ : 10/8/2017 6:11 pm : link
No attention to detail inexcusable to be off sides twice???WTF! Guy only cares about ?? Bad signing
Not a leader......  
Simms11 : 10/8/2017 7:55 pm : link
What has happened to him? Heís a supplemental player now and there has to be someone that can rush the passer from that position. We have nobody and that has to be another position that we draft now next year.
He's been lining up offsides all year  
KWALL2 : 10/8/2017 8:15 pm : link
Coaches should have fixed it weeks ago.
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