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Post-Game Transcript: WR Roger Lewis Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2017 5:54 pm
Wide Receiver Roger Lewis Jr.

Postgame vs. Chargers, October 8, 2017

Q: How much does it hurt the offense when you lose so many receivers?

A: It hurts. Like, what, three, four of my brothers got hurt today. Theyíre like big brothers to me. So, it really hurts. But, itís just time.

Q: What is the pulse of the team right now?

A: 0-5, we didnít plan it that way. I feel like thereís still fight in this team, and we can still do things.

Q: Have you heard anything about Odell Beckham Jr.ís injury yet?

A: No.

Q: What was the talk in the locker room after the game?

A: Itís still fight. I feel like weíre a close-knit team and I feel like thereís nobody on this team thatís going to give up. Weíre going to get ready for next week and go out and play hard again.

Q: Have you ever been on a team where you are the only wide receiver left?

A: No, Iíve never played in a game like that. But, our [wide receivers] coach, Adam Henry, always preaches, Ďnext man up, next man up mentality.í So, when you get the opportunity, seize it.

Q: How good did it feel to score a touchdown?

A: It felt good. Thatís what Iím here for, is to make plays. It felt real good, but itís over. We got a loss and I just want to be able to capitalize next week.

Q: Were you able to talk to any of the injured players after the game?

A: No, I have not talked to them yet. Iím sure Iím going to visit them, talk with them and hopefully theyíre doing good.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation where so many receivers went down in one game?

A: No, Iíve never been in a situation like this. But all the teams Iíve played on, from high school to college, even here, itís next man up mentality. And seize the opportunity.

Q: What is going through your mind when you see all the receivers go down and youíre the only one left?

A: Whatís going through my mind is what Coach McAdoo, Coach (Adam) Henry preach, is, Ďnext man up,í and just go out and do what you do.

Q: Was it going through your mind that you were the last man standing among the wide receivers?

A: I mean, it didnít go through my mind. When I saw ĎOí [Odell Beckham Jr.] go down, I just was like, ĎAlright, I want to be able to close the game,í but things didnít work out well. So, thatís about it.

Q: What do all of the injures to receivers change for you, preparation-wise, for next week?

A: It doesnít change anything. With me, personally, Iím a hard worker. The whole team are hard workers and weíre going to go and do what we do and go to work.

Q: When Beckham goes down and you see players waving for the medical staff to come out, what goes through your mind?

A: Yeah, itís not a great sign at the end of the day. But with ĎOí going down, it hurt me. ĎOí is like a big brother to me and with ĎBí [Brandon Marshall] going down, thatís like a big brother to me. So, I just wanted to be able to make a play to change the game, and we fell short.

Q: Was it tough to do anything on the final drive when you are the only receiver?

A: No, I believe in the tight ends. I believe in them. They know what theyíre doing, even on the outside with the signals and everything. I believe in the tight ends, so I feel like any of our tight ends could play receiver.

Q: Is it hard to stay positive after a game like this?

A: No, itís not hard at all. When adversity hits, you just want to stay strong. Youíve been through everybody going against you, Iíve been through that. So, I understand.
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