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Post-Game Transcript: G Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2017 5:56 pm
G Justin Pugh

Postgame vs. Chargers, October 8, 2017

Q: How tough is it to come back after you see Odell go down like that?

A: Itís tough to see any guy leave the game. Any of my teammates, my brothers, leave the game, itís tough to see. He was in some pain. Iím just praying that heís alright.

Q: Was it weird though being in the two-minute drill, youíre down and you look in the huddle and there is just one wide receiver?

A: To be honest, it didnít hit me and then I was like wait, why do we have three tight ends out here. Then, I realized that Dwayne went down, Shep went down, Brandon went down, Odell went down. Itís crazy.

Q: ??

A: In my mind there was never a doubt that we were going to win this game. Itís tough.

Q: It seems like you were really running the ball well?

A: I donít know about that. I have to look at the film.

Q: What does it feel like when Odell goes down and Eli fumbles?

A: I watched the play. Eli goes down and he has the ball secured. He lands on top of the guy. Itís just a freak play. We gave this one away today. There is no question. We did some good things but we lost.

Q: How do you avoid going numb after losses and do you feel that way right now?

A: Yes, we just lost. Iím not feeling good right now. Iíll get over it and get ready to go. I still have to go out and play for the guys in this locker room and make something happen.

Q: On the fumble, what did you see?

A: I think he may have had a twist on that side and the ball came free. Hats off to them. They made some good plays when they needed to and we didnít. When it comes down to crunch time, they made plays, we didnít.

Q: Overall, is it possible to describe the sense at 0-5?

A: Iím hurting right now. Itís a tough loss. We will bounce back. We will go out and flush it. Weíre still professionals. This is still our job. We have to go out there and execute. Get this thing done.

Q: Is it hard to block out the 0-5 start?

A: We just have to go out and get one. We need one to fall. Thatís all we can worry about.

Q: Do you really feel that the postseason is in reach for you?

A: The percentages are dropping every week. Last week there was only one team that did it, so I guess that means no team has done it at 0-5. We just have to go get one win. Right now we have to just look at one game. We canít look big picture.
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