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This D is soft!!!

EJJ : 10/8/2017 6:16 pm
They can't tackle' get to the passer or cover. Eli Apple WTF is he laughing about on the bench as his team is going down in flames. He's a wasted pick!!
Collins is good but compared to last year hes being exposed in coverage.
You can just feel every time the Offense comes back they let the team down. Totally unreliable to make a stop.
How do you explain their fall after last year???
Worst tackling defense  
Vanzetti : 10/8/2017 6:18 pm : link
That I can ever remember wearing a Giants uniform. They are an embrassment to all the great Giants defense of the past
Apple is just atrocious  
DennyInDenville : 10/8/2017 6:19 pm : link
Might be even worse then Flowers , many called Apple a reach
RE: Worst tackling defense  
GiantFilthy : 10/8/2017 6:27 pm : link
In comment 13637045 Vanzetti said:
That I can ever remember wearing a Giants uniform. They are an embrassment to all the great Giants defense of the past

New fan?
Brian in Hoboken : 10/8/2017 6:33 pm : link
I just posted in another thread about Eli Apple laughing like a little schoolgirl on the sideline during our last drive. I saw that, got up and left. Just absolutely disgusting.
It starts with the front 4..  
prdave73 : 10/8/2017 6:36 pm : link
If they can't rush the passer, the rest falls apart. Reese did nothing for depth or DT positions..
They're back to the 2015 defense is some ways  
jeff57 : 10/8/2017 6:38 pm : link
No toughness, no championship  
nybeast : 10/8/2017 6:40 pm : link
- Tom Coughlin

[img] [\img]
It really is not playing well.  
Giant John : 10/8/2017 6:41 pm : link
Apple looks like he doesn't belong in the league. JPP played today though.
Overall poor performance.
all that having been said  
idiotsavant : 10/8/2017 6:50 pm : link
"My" draft pick, Darian Thompson, redeemed himself today:

HUGE Pick in the End zone, game changing play.....amazing PD also. IN. the. end. zone ....and a sack.

The PDs indicate that he can be used better in the back 7 and open up some other questions about how management decides stuff.

Looks like the Hunter TD was on Collins, who suddenly broke off to double team another receiver.

So, next year, we have Collins, Thompson, Adams (also love Adams, great find) and maybe Apple (a great safety in waiting, possibly) draft a corner...after both lines are seriously buttressed, of course.
Hard to argue the OP s  
joeinpa : 10/8/2017 8:23 pm : link
holmancomedown : 10/8/2017 9:12 pm : link
I hope this is just a sophmore slump for Eli Apple. Last year he was solid! I have to believe he will bounce back, we really need him going forward.
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