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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2017 6:52 pm
Safety Landon Collins

Postgame vs. Los Angeles Chargers, Oct. 8, 2017

Q: Where do you guys go from here?

A: Back to the drawing board, we have to figure out what it is that is hurting us at the end of the game. We are playing well, just not getting it.

Q: How about third downs, it seemed like throughout the game they were converting some third and longs on you guys?

A: Yeah, they started picking them up in the fourth quarter, throughout the game we had them set. I donít know, thatís one thing I have to look at to see what was going on. Sometimes I was opposite of it when it was happening. We all have to look at that to see what happened.

Q: When Odell went down and then the fumble happens, did you feel the game turn there, whatís the feeling now?

A: Itís definitely tough to play when one of our best players goes down. All of our guys were going down, Sterling, B Marsh. To see all the guys go down, itís very hard. On the fumble, strange things happen in the game of football, we have to step up. They kind of schemed us up on that last play. We were going to hold them to a field goal but they got that one.

Q: Is that the same play they scored on earlier, the pass to the running back?

A: It wasnít the same formation but it was the same concept.

Q: It seemed like in the second half they were getting you on crossing patterns. Did you see that?

A: Yeah, they were running a lot of draggers, level routes, and crossing patterns. They were trying to see if we were in man. We had our linebackers on the backs; we have to find some kind of way to help them.

Q: We saw you come off the field a couple of times?

A: I got kicked in the leg on one of the plays and every time somebody hit it or landed on it, I couldnít put pressure on it so I had to come out for a minute.

Q: Your first year in the league, you saw the team go through a lot of injuries. Last year, not as much. Right now it seems like itís building up again. Does that suck away some of the energy or the mentality of any of the guys?

A: No, I donít think it sucks away the mentality. Us losing is definitely deflating us, but at the same time we just try to stick together and keep our heads up.

Q: When you held them to the field goal to make it 22-20, did you think that was it?

A: Yes, we thought it was over with as a defense. We were like if the offense doesnít score, there will be about two minutes left. We werenít going to let them go down the field and we were ready for it.

Q: Now that you are 0-5, what are you guys playing for?

A: Super Bowl, we are still playing for the Super Bowl. Itís 0-5, but we still have a chance, itís not over with yet, we have division games we can still win. I remember a 9-7 team winning it all, so we still have a chance.

Q: You guys have some tough games coming up. Do you feel like with the potential of this team it doesnít matter how hard the schedule is and you guys can right the ship?

A: We can fight through anything, we stick together. We have to make the game tough on both sides of the field, we think we can do it.

Q: Have you ever been in a game where your team lost four receivers?

A: No, I have never been in a game like that. Iíve never been in a predicament like that.

Q: During the week you guys said you were simplifying some things on defense, how did that turn out for you guys?

A: We just ran our game plan. We didnít try to run things that we did not practice.

Q: What is it like to see so many guys go down that you work with day in and day out?

A: Iím surprised, thatís all I can say. I donít know how to answer that one.
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