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Which Quarterback do you like in next year's draft?

CMicks3110 : 10/8/2017 8:29 pm
Darnold, Rosen, or Jackson?
Eli Manning  
B in ALB : 10/8/2017 8:33 pm : link
Rosen seems most like the Giants' type based on... little to me.  
Devon : 10/8/2017 8:37 pm : link
Darnold right behind.

Barkley is going to be the best player in this draft, one of the very few RBs worth going that high, and it's going to hurt if they don't hit big on the QB they're going to inevitably take instead though.
I am fine with the best running QB we can find  
Jimmy Googs : 10/8/2017 8:39 pm : link
for the next few years.

Until we stabilize the Oline and get the next QB who can play well in the pocket behind it...
lugnut : 10/8/2017 8:41 pm : link
supposedly has some pretty big maturity problems (JP Losman, anyone?). But maybe that's fake news.
holmancomedown : 10/8/2017 9:03 pm : link
I think we have the answer at QB in Davis Webb. I believe he may be the best pick Reese has ever made. Call me crazy but I believe that this kid will be the QB after Eli hangs them up. When you take this kid third I think they saw something in this kid that told them that he will be a winner for us !
We need to see what we have in Webb  
PatersonPlank : 10/8/2017 9:14 pm : link
His stats at Cal were as good as any of these QBs, he's been here for a year (by draft time), and so far he's shown promise. He has the size and skillset that is needed. It would be dumb to not give him a shot just because he dropped to us in the 3rd round.

If he is the guy we draft OL. If not, then outside of Rosen I am really not sure any of these guys will be that good in the NFL. Darnold looks terrible so far, as has Allen. I don't think Mayfield has the skillset. I am intrigued by the Ok St guy, but need to see more.

Please not Lamar  
Clintqb17 : 10/8/2017 9:25 pm : link
. Great player in college. Won't translate to NFL
RE: Rosen  
The_Boss : 10/8/2017 9:30 pm : link
In comment 13637604 lugnut said:
supposedly has some pretty big maturity problems (JP Losman, anyone?). But maybe that's fake news.

Hes a party guy in the mold of Matt Leinart. Id be very leery of selecting him.
Darnold sounds pretty interesting  
Dave in Buffalo : 10/8/2017 10:16 pm : link
Here's a good article.
Link - ( New Window )
redwhiteandbigblue : 10/8/2017 11:07 pm : link
Not even close. Rosen? Really? Problem is, I thought I read Darnold was staying another year. He is only a Soph.
The one  
Photoguy : 10/8/2017 11:36 pm : link
that turns into Aaron Rodgers instead of Tim Couch.
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