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Tonight, its like the montage in The Godfather....

thrunthrublue : 10/8/2017 9:12 pm
That scenario had been visited before, as the headlines and piano notes play michael had just done his damage to a high ranking., crooked policeman.....and as clemenza predicts.... the family goes into hiding......just like those losing headlines, similar ones rolled along during the Allie Sherman, alex Webster losing era, and now........incompetent leadership making horrible front office decisions sent the once champion giants into the dank dark shadows of the nfl's basement......and then......Taylor, parcells, belichick, all facilitated by george young.....led them to the Lombardi...(s). Promised land. Reese seems to be too much into flashy and very expensive, delicate athletes....david Wilson, obj, his major blind spot is not having an eye for speedy, durable, dominant linemen and linebackers, and without lots of depth at those two positions, you risk becoming a team at 0 and 7, or more...... its time for a new era to begin, again.
holmancomedown : 10/8/2017 9:22 pm : link
So are you saying the rest of the familia is the Corleone family ? And we are the victims ?
Who is Fredo?  
weeg in the bronx : 10/8/2017 9:24 pm : link
RE: Who is Fredo?  
JCin332 : 10/8/2017 9:27 pm : link
In comment 13637779 weeg in the bronx said:

Chris Mara...??
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