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mdthedream : 10/9/2017 8:42 am
someone please explain to me what they see in Vereen? Giants running and catching passes out of the backfield for the first half and really doing a good job. Than in the second half they bring in Vereen who can not run a lick and his passing catching is way overrated seeing he is slow as hell. Also it is not Eli's strong suite to make short dropoff passes. The guy get's overpaid for what he produces. I just never understood why we didn't use his money on something else. I also belief Gallman is great at the cut back and finding the holes unlike Perkins who runs into a pile. Darkwa is OK coming off the bench.
he was a weapon in 2015  
Gordo : 10/9/2017 8:56 am : link
remember that san fran game? the one where donnell made the winning catch? Vereen was the MVP that game, losing him last year really hurt.

he hasn't really been utilized this year, he was in towards the end yesterday for his pass catching and pass blocking.
He was a piece to the  
jvm52106 : 10/9/2017 8:58 am : link
offensive puzzle but for some reason they changed they changed the picture but not the pieces.. He is just not used enough to even be on the team.

Everything about this this team screams PIECES but not a whole.. We seem to have no clear idea of what we want to accomplish..
It's difficult to evaluate behind that OL  
JonC : 10/9/2017 8:59 am : link
and when they're rotating a set of tailbacks that really don't offer a strong talent/solution.
Not saying Vereen doesn't have a role but not having  
Jimmy Googs : 10/9/2017 9:01 am : link
Gallman in near the end was a mistake. He was the hot hand...
Guy makes like  
mdthedream : 10/9/2017 9:09 am : link
3 mill its crazy. He has been injured a lot and really just doesn't have anything left. Anyone could catch the short passes he was getting San Diego was glad they kept Dropping it off to him because he has no moves left and drops easy.
To me....  
BillKo : 10/9/2017 9:12 am : link
looks like the shell of the player who was with NE and played that night versus San Fran.

I know the swing pass got on him quickly, but a veteran RB who is supposed to be the option out of the backfield needs to make that catch and get some yardage.

Surely won't be on the team next I said, he looks about done. Or mailing it in...who knows.
Just another wasted talent  
Rflairr : 10/9/2017 10:21 am : link
That Clueless Ben has no idea how to use
The fact that they wasted a roster spot on a FB that they  
Brown Recluse : 10/9/2017 10:28 am : link
had no idea how to use should tell you all you need to know.

This team is a complete circus.
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