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Who returns Punts and Kicks now?

Gross Blau Oberst : 10/9/2017 10:03 am
Harris out.
OBJ out.
Perkins injured.

Vereen to return Punts and Kicks?

With so many WR injuries, can the Giants afford to have one of few WRs left standing to do return duty as well?

Unimaginable season.

JonC : 10/9/2017 10:07 am : link
spike : 10/9/2017 10:08 am : link
He doesnt do much on offense anyways
Why not promote Ed Eagan from the PS to replace Harris roster spot?  
guitarguybs12 : 10/9/2017 10:18 am : link
He looked promising in preseason
Rudolph was apparently first man up  
JonC : 10/9/2017 10:22 am : link
Travis King  
Beer Man : 10/9/2017 10:31 am : link
Rumor is the team is going to resign him
who cares?  
magnum4413 : 10/9/2017 11:42 am : link
Harris called for a fair catch 98% of the time on punts anyway. Kickoffs go out of the endzone most of the time.

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