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Is Amari Cooper a possible trade target

pjcas18 : 10/9/2017 10:22 am
or just Madden/Fantasy football talk?

his disappearing act has been baffling, even before the Carr injury. Drops are an issue for him in his brief career, but not in 2016, so it's solvable.

Maybe the cliched change of scenery helps.

Oakland has no real incentive to trade him other than he's been awful this year, not targeted often after the first week and a half, and next year is his final year under contract (with other options like the 5th year player option and FT after that, but 2018 is his final contract year).

And Oakland, like the Giants, had post-season aspirations before the season, and are in a 3-game tailspin and probably the best division in football.

No idea what the Giants would trade back. Casillas and a pick? Apple?
Not seeing NYG trading for a WR  
JonC : 10/9/2017 10:24 am : link
hefty contract and trade price, then factor in OB's extension and one for Cooper. Oakland's just having a shite year, he was really good and a favorite a season ago.
BillKo : 10/9/2017 10:27 am : link
You're going to have to offer more than that!!!

Do you really think the Raiders are going to give up him that quickly???
RE: PJ....  
pjcas18 : 10/9/2017 10:31 am : link
In comment 13638732 BillKo said:
You're going to have to offer more than that!!!

Do you really think the Raiders are going to give up him that quickly???

Agree, not sure what he'd cost, which makes trades hard.

But I also believe with his targets dwindling and the drops they might be willing to accept someone like Apple.

Apple was also a high pick, don't forget.

Players like Chandler Jones, Kony Ealy (2nd round), and others have been dealt in the off-season before the final year of their deals, not sure why three months sooner wouldn't be an option too.

though I acknowledge it's a longshot (or more than that)
Why would they bother at 0-5  
B in ALB : 10/9/2017 10:35 am : link
Give up picks and take on another overpriced contract for this season? Why?
just what we need. An undwerachieving WR with the drops  
Victor in CT : 10/9/2017 10:41 am : link
to come in to replace njured WRs with the drops, Beckham included. And give up picks in what is developing into an historically bad season. He's too recent a pick for OAK to take a stiff like Casillas, the Giants shouldn't even THINK abuot trading any picks and after a promising rookie season, why would they give up on Apple now with DRC aging and no alternatives on the roster? He's had a rough start but he has talent. Maybe the next staff will have coaches who can actually teach.

The Giants should be hoarding picks and cap space, trade any vet with a big contract that they can, starting with JPP, if there are any takers. I'd be surprised if there are any.
The Giants should be stockpiling picks now  
Mike from Ohio : 10/9/2017 10:44 am : link
not giving them away. Definitely should not be looking to pick up players ready for their second contract. The team needs to be fixed through the draft.
if trading anything now..which is not happening anyhow  
micky : 10/9/2017 10:47 am : link
it means Reese and Mac are on for good
To me Cooper  
pjcas18 : 10/9/2017 10:53 am : link
represents an undervalued asset right now, it would be buying low. I mean his play so far after week 1 has been disastrous, but I don't think that's who he is, not sure what's going on there.

if the Giants don't plan to re-sign Beckham, they can replace him with Cooper.

Beckham's injury complicates things.

If the Giants want they can FT Beckham, and keep Cooper for his final year, then let Cooper go, since he'd be a FA, and his contract is not high $$$ if he's traded.

Anyway, unlikely to happen, just an interesting name.
ZogZerg : 10/9/2017 11:04 am : link
Not a chance
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