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Pick an offense and a defense to clone...

Dan in the Springs : 10/9/2017 12:53 pm
Think around the league. Whose offense and defense would you like to clone? Might give some insights into possible HC/coordinator candidates. I'll go first:

Offense - KC

Okay, not reliant on an exceptional QB, but instead makes the most of a guy who isn't on top of most people's QB lists. We need an offense that isn't overly reliant on the QB as well. Lots of creativity and more importantly, scoring in KC. Give me a clone of Reid to run our offense. Second choice? New Orleans.

Defense - Denver

Why not? These guys year in/out are among the tops in the league. Seattle also high on the wish list. Both these clubs have talent, but they're making the most of that talent as well.

Who do you like?
Offense: The Falcons  
DennyInDenville : 10/9/2017 12:54 pm : link
Defense: The Broncos
Did KC and New Orleans win Super Bowl recently?  
Ivan15 : 10/9/2017 12:58 pm : link
I must have missed it!

Defense still wins Championships. Offenses just need to stay out of the way.
One thing I feel like I learned...  
Dan in the Springs : 10/9/2017 12:59 pm : link
from McAdoo, is that you better be careful trying to clone an offense that relies on certain types of difficult to acquire players. We wanted GB's offense, but we don't have and can't find an Aaron Rodgers type QB.

Clearly Atlanta has an impressive offense, but look at the talent they've got. I'd rather go with an offense that produces with players we'd be able to find. I think we have a better chance of getting KC-type players than what ATL has.

RE: Did KC and New Orleans win Super Bowl recently?  
Dan in the Springs : 10/9/2017 1:01 pm : link
In comment 13639136 Ivan15 said:
I must have missed it!

Defense still wins Championships. Offenses just need to stay out of the way.

Thankfully we have less to fix on defense in terms of players. We definitely need to fix the defense, but with 5-6 pro-bowl starters already we are in a good place to start there.

I agree though - we need a defense that is "heavy-handed" (is it too early to joke like that?) ;>
Offense: one that can block.  
SHO'NUFF : 10/9/2017 1:26 pm : link
Defense: one that can shed blocks.
I'd just be happy  
old man : 10/9/2017 1:27 pm : link
With Smith...Frederick...and Martin.
Imagine just 2 of them....Smith..Frederick...move EF to RG.
At this point even just 1 of them....imagine Martin and no JJerry. that can control the LOS  
BillKo : 10/9/2017 1:33 pm : link that can control the LOS.
Can we just clone Bill Belichick and let him figure it out?  
Brown Recluse : 10/9/2017 1:36 pm : link
Probably be much more cost effective.
I'd clone the offense  
Keaton028 : 10/9/2017 1:54 pm : link
that gives volume touches to a bell cow running back, enabling him to get into a rhythm and control the clock. This also sets up the pass, and wears down a defense. I miss this style of smashmouth football.

On defense, I like what KC and Denver has done. They have guys that rush the passer without having to use exotic blitzes, and they get home. They have savvy cornerbacks who can shut down top wideouts on any given night.

These types of teams are tough to build. However, focusing on a grind it out run game that gives your defense a breather, does wonders for even a mediocre defensive unit.
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