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Rebuilding the Giants

John K : 10/9/2017 3:14 pm
Here's my plan, in no particular order:

1. Dump Eli now. There may be a team out there who would take his salary. (Jacksonville?) We might even hope for a 5th round draft pick in the deal. Let Geno Smith and Davis Webb finish out the season. Would let us know if Webb is our future franchise QB (which I doubt).

2. Dump JPP now. Can't imagine who would take him and his bloated salary, but you never know. Houston?

3. Trade OBJ before we have to take a chance on paying big bucks to an oft-injured player. We might even get a 2nd round draft pick for him?

4. Try and trade Olivier Vernon, but only if we can get a 2nd round draft pick for him. Doubtful anyone would do that, but maybe Houston?

5. Try and trade Eli Apple...preferably to someone in our own division (Cowboys, Eagle, Skins) so we get to play against him twice a year. Someone might make the trade since he's still in his rookie contract period. Maybe we could get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him?

6. Try and re-sign Pugh, but only to a reasonable deal. If he wants big bucks, let him get them elsewhere. He's really not that good.

7. Dump Paul Perkins to anyone that will take him. Or just cut him.

8. Don't plan on resigning any of our other free agents unless they'll come cheap. Can't think of anyone I'd miss.

9. Fire Jerry Reese and replace with the best available guy. Remember there's no salary cap involved when hiring a General Manager.

10. Fire Ben McAdoo. If we're cleaning house, he's got to go too. Hire a really great coach, again realizing that there's no salary cap involved here.

If we could dump all the above overpaid players, our new GM and Coach would have a lot of salary cap to find replacements. Hopefully, guys who want to play and would actually try and earn their salary!

Reads more like "Tearing down the Giants"  
regulator : 10/9/2017 3:14 pm : link
than anything else...
I'm glad you aren't running the team  
robbieballs2003 : 10/9/2017 3:15 pm : link
11. Don't read anything from John K  
B in ALB : 10/9/2017 3:18 pm : link
Holy shitfuck...  
JCin332 : 10/9/2017 3:20 pm : link
Did you actually think that through before posting...?
NorwoodWideRight : 10/9/2017 3:20 pm : link
#5 made me LOL.
Get rid of everybody who's old or had injuries, or sucked, . . . .  
TC : 10/9/2017 3:22 pm : link
and replace them with young, wonderful players, and wonderful coaches and GM.

Wow, that's really simple! Let's go!!!
CoughlinHandsonHips : 10/9/2017 3:24 pm : link
Eli has a no trade clause in his contract. You'd have to cut him, which carries a dead money hit of 11.9 millions

Trading JPP would cost the Giants 12.5. Cutting him 22.

The Gmen have 4 million in cap space.
With all due respects  
blueblood'11 : 10/9/2017 3:24 pm : link
How many drinks have you had today.
My favorite is  
NorwoodWideRight : 10/9/2017 3:27 pm : link
"hire a really great coach."

Of course! So simple, and yet so elegant a solution! I can't believe nobody tried this before. John Mara, get on this before somebody else figures out this secret formula!
why would Jax take Eli?  
giants#1 : 10/9/2017 3:35 pm : link
Because TC is there? Other than that, the Jags are a team built for the future, not for Eli's relatively short remaining window.
this wouldn't even work in madden  
Nitro : 10/9/2017 3:41 pm : link
shit post, shit poster.
Is this real?  
Rjanyg : 10/9/2017 3:45 pm : link
You wanna cut every player on this team? I want to remind you of this little thing called the salary cap.

Trades are possible but let's be real. Believe it or not this team can be turned around in one season just like it fell apart in one season.
Might be easier just to buy an expansion team  
ghost718 : 10/9/2017 3:48 pm : link
and rename em
Did you come in last  
montanagiant : 10/9/2017 3:50 pm : link
In your Madden League
So you wanna give up a handful of our players that are actually good  
Bleedblue10 : 10/9/2017 4:06 pm : link
Which there aren't many on this team and get basically nothing in return? What makes you think we can find replacements with the way we draft, especially only getting 2nd round picks for our best DE and the best Wr in the NFL? I hate losing as much as the next guy and this season is testing my loyalty to this team and football in general but stupidity and carelessness got us into this mess and it isn't getting us out
You guys are missing much of the plan!  
Mike from Ohio : 10/9/2017 4:20 pm : link
We aren't just dumping all of our best players, we are trading them! No matter what their performance, salary or salary cap impact, everyone will give us draft picks for guys we don't want anymore!

It's brilliant! Not sure why we aren't trading our offensiev linemen and getting top draft picks, but maybe John's fingers just got tired of typing?

Excellent plan! So what do we do with North Korea?
The best rebuild we can do begins with #1 pick in this strong draft  
SGMen : 10/9/2017 4:25 pm : link
I can see us trading down if we can fleece a team.

I can see us cutting veterans who aren't as productive as in times past or just to open cap space.

I also think we'll be players in UFA again if we open cap space. With the injury, OBJ lost leverage so he'll play 2018 under his current contract.

It is way early but if we go 2 - 14 and have the first pick in the draft, the Mara's may NOT want a rebuild but rather to work it with what we have and keep Eli and players in the same system for one more year, a "rebound" 2018.
You Lost Me At  
clatterbuck : 10/9/2017 4:45 pm : link
Dump Eli now. Makes no sense.
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