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How many of these guys are glorified PE teachers

Now Mike in MD : 10/10/2017 9:19 am
as Fassel once famously said. You see so much mediocrity among coaches and GMs. McAdoo and Reese's issues have been well documented. Baker last night pulls Sherzer for a journeyman lefthander and then a guy with a 6 ERA in the playoffs with your best relievers on the bench. Showalter keeps his best reliever on the bench last year in the playoffs. Billy King mortgages the Nets future for two aging former stars who were clearly on their last legs.

It's amazing how many guys in positions of power in sports seem mediocre at best and incompetent at worst. How many guys truly make a positive difference for their teams. Bellicheck? Madden? Coughlin? It's a mighty short list.
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