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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Tavarres King

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/10/2017 5:54 pm
Wide Receiver Tavarres King

October 10, 2017

Q: How does it feel to be back?

A: Good, man. Under the circumstances, it kind of sucks. I feel bad for my brothers, but it feels good to be back home.

Q: Where were you when you found out?

A: I was here. I was at my place here, but I was watching the game of course and I felt for those guys and it really sucked to watch those guys go down. They are more than just teammates to me. Like I said, theyíre brothers so it hurts my heart for those guys to lose a season like that. But yeah, I was here watching the game, tuned in.

Q: How quickly did your phone ring?

A: Just a little bit after the game. Kind of after they figured out what was going on with everybody.

Q: We havenít seen you since the day of the Lions game. What was that like?

A: I mean, it is part of the business, you know what Iím saying? Obviously, I would have loved to play in that game, be a part of that game, but we had some issues I think at linebacker so we had to make some tough decisions, but that is part of the business.

Q: How much of a surprise was that?

A: It was real surprising, but again, itís part of it. I donít think I have ever been through anything that can surprise me at this point.

Q: Were you working out in anticipation that somebody was going to call you?

A: Yeah for sure. I feel like I can play the game at a high level. I feel like Iím just coming off of a really good start to camp and when I was practicing, I was practicing really well so I feel good about what I was doing. Iím very confident in myself.

Q: What was that conversation like when they let you go?

A: Yeah, it was kind of like it wasnít a goodbye. More so of a see you later.

Q: Who did you talk to?

A: Everybody. Itís a family here so I went through everybody, I talked to everybody. It was tough for them and myself. So I talked to everybody, but weíre good now.

Q: Is it odd coming back in this circumstance?

A: Yeah, it is. The circumstances stink. You know you obviously want to be in a room with all of your brothers, but man it is a major blow.

Q: What have you been doing to stay in shape?

A: Man, everything. Just running routes with some quarterbacks. I got a buddy that played quarterback in college. Running routes with him, doing some rehab on the ankle. Nothing different. Just being TK.

Q: Where have you been?

A: Here. Right here.

Q: Where were you working out?

A: Revive Sports.

Q: Who was the quarterback? Anyone we would have heard of?

A: No, you wouldnít know him.

Q: Obviously you arenít happy with the situation, but you have a real opportunity here. How important is that?

A: Itís extremely important to have the opportunity to showcase what I can do and not just that, but to help this team in any way that I can. Get things rolling, bring some energy, bring some explosiveness.

Q: Iím guessing the playbook hasnít changed much in three weeks?

A: I think I still got a good grasp of it.

Q: What was it like watching the games? Were you still rooting for them?

A: Absolutely. Like I said, those are my brothers so I want to see these guys succeed. I want to see them play at a high level and do some great things. I want to see them score touchdowns, like Rhett (Ellison) did, which was awesome. So I just want to see these guys be the best that they can be.

Q: Are you ready to go a whole game?

A: Yeah, yeah I can run all day.

Q: And the ankle is good to go?

A: One thousand percent.
Good interview  
UberAlias : 10/10/2017 8:21 pm : link
Glad he's back.
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