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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2017 3:38 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

October 12, 2017

Q: Who slides into the gunner spot on punt team?

A: Thatíll be a little bit of a committee. Weíve got [cornerback] Ross [Cockrell] taking some reps out there, [cornerback] Donte [Deayon] is taking some reps, [wide receiver] Roger Lewis. Itís going to be a committee, itís not going to be just one guy. Itíll be two or three guys that weíll roll through there, based on their playtime and based on the situation of the game.

Q: Who will return punts?

A: Again, a couple guys Ė [wide receivers] Ed Eagan and Travis [Rudolph] have done it for us in preseason, so you feel good, you know what to expect out of them. Ball possession, ball security is obviously the number one thing. When you get a young guy in there, they get real anxious and itís just about whoís going to catch the ball, possess the ball and then we go from there.

Q: Can running back Shane Vereen return punts?

A: He has worked on it. I mean, heís never done it in a game, but heís been back there catching them at times when heís out on the punt team, but itís kind of based on if heís on the punt team or not.

Q: Was it fair to say that on the punt return depth chart, it was Dwayne Harris, then Odell Beckham Jr., then Sterling Shepard? Are you down to your fourth guy on the depth chart?

A: Yeah. But we didnít have these other guys on the roster, so it may have affected it, based on what Odell and Sterling were doing on offense. But, yeah. Thatís why you want to have a lot of guys. If you just hone in on one guy and one backup, you could get in trouble.

Q: How important was it to have punter Brad Wing get off to the start he did last week against Los Angeles?

A: Well, thatís kind of what we expect out of him and our punt team. So, it was nice to see us get into those situations and we havenít really been in those situations, so it was a nice confidence booster for him.

Q: Does the altitude in Denver affect kicker Aldrick Rosasí range this week?

A: I think the situation of the game affects it. If itís the end of the half, then weíve probably got some more yardage. We havenít kicked up there for a while, so weíll see what it brings.
He might be a better HC than Macadoo  
spike : 10/12/2017 3:41 pm : link
scary thought
Another one that needs to go  
Jimmy Googs : 10/12/2017 8:15 pm : link
and happy to debate this one all day...
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