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NFT: Blade Runner (possible spoilers)

Modus Operandi : 10/12/2017 7:02 pm
So. Who's seen it? Just got back from matinee showing on day off. Thoughts?
I saw it this past weekend  
JerryNYG : 10/12/2017 7:05 pm : link
Enjoyed it a lot. I was worried it would be a shitty cash in, but should have known better given the director.

The cinematography and sound design were exceptional.
Modus Operandi : 10/12/2017 7:20 pm : link
Loved it. Had that same feel of the first film with enough new sprinkled in so as not to feel redundant (see Force Awakens).

Very Disappointed  
Percy : 10/12/2017 8:01 pm : link
Weak on story-line continuity. The film overall is without romance and without a trace of sensuality. Violence galore and little else. The film has no direction or end-point.

Random points (WARNING: spoilers below):

What was Joe's (Rick K's) visit to the "orphanage" after his crash supposed to be about? And how the hell did he get back after his crash?

Why did Wallace, the guy who manufactured the "new" replicants, murder the one we saw "born"? Because she could not be used to reproduce? He already knew that would be so, so why go through her birth and murder in the first place?

And what was the side-issue of a "secret revolutionary" replicant revolt group about -- and how was it relevant to anything? And what was the point of such a group if no one knew how to get replicants to reproduce anyway?

Why torment Rick with the promise, such as it was, of a new Rachael? He, after all, had become an old guy and she hadn't ("... she won't live, but who does")?

Why does this new Rachael display a frowning pout to show disappointment, an expression never seen on her in the original no matter how shattered she is when she learns she's a replicant after all?

The music is banal throughout. How dare they end it with "Tears in the Rain" and to what end?

too slow moving  
mdc1 : 10/12/2017 9:45 pm : link
. The length of the movie was not necessary. One thing I noticed in the theatre was complete silence. Some were sleeping (too f'ing long) and cerebral.
It was fine.....  
George from PA : 10/13/2017 4:09 am : link
Do not over think it......
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