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Friday Media Transcript: Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/13/2017 3:27 pm
Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern

October 13, 2017

Q: How do you plan on replacing Jonathan Casillas?

A: Next man up.

Q: How do you feel like Keenan (Robinson) has played?

A: He’s getting there. It’s like all of the guys, they’re all still working at it. We’re all trying to get better. There are things we see after each week that we like where we improved and there are things that we can keep improving on, so we are trying to get better at those things.

Q: You have given up eight touchdowns to running backs and tight ends this year, how do you make sense of that?

A: The way that they are attacking us. Different things they are doing. When you’re looking at it, they are using more multiple formations, more tight end groupings. Those guys are going to be involved a little bit more. We’ve faced some talented receivers and tight ends and they’ve made some plays. But it’s always something we’re trying to work on, but that’s the thing, we’ll just keep trying to address it.

Q: Do you view it as one on one matchups? Have they been mental breakdowns?

A: If you’re saying tight ends have caught a lot of balls on us, you look at it and say, “well they’re checking down. They’re throwing check downs to them.” So to answer your thing, there are all different ways, the multiple groupings, the multiple tight end personnel groupings that they’re using in some of their schemes now. They’re the guys out on the routes, so if somebody catches the ball, they’re likely to be one since they’re not just playing with one tight end anymore.

Q: What types of adjustments have to be made when you talk about the next man up because obviously some people can’t do things others can?

A: Well, just making sure he is up to speed with it, but they’ve all been doing the same things. The next guy might do certain things better than JC (Jonathon Casillas), so we’ll try to feature those things in the game plan. But it’s one of those things where we’re asking all of those guys to do pretty much across the board the same thing as one another so it will be the next man’s opportunity to go out there and play.

Q: Curtis Grant played a little inside linebacker, right?

A: He’s played all three, he’s played all three.

Q: Do you think he’s a guy that can play that spot if you need him?

A: Yeah, in time, yes.

Q: Is there anyone else who fits into that spot?

A: Keenan can play it, obviously. Calvin (Munson) can play it. Curtis can play it. B.J’s (Goodson) played it at times, but obviously he’ll be a little busy hopefully in the middle. But other than that, those guys are really the candidates for it.

Q: How do you think B.J has progressed since his injury?

A: He’s been solid. Again, it’s being out on the field and working at it. Again, frustrating when you don’t have him on the field on a regular basis, but it’s good to have him back.

Q: Does (Cap) Capi work with you guys?

A: He’s kind of one of those swing guys. He’s one of those swing guys. He’s got some ability on first and second down, like in run situations, to be able to play linebacker, but he’s also got some pass rush ability so we’re trying to work that into it, too.

Q: But he spends most of the time in your room?

A: Both. We try to split time with him.

Q: You’ve been trying to get a guy like him for a while, right? You’ve had a couple guys you’ve tried to do that with.

A: Well those body types are a little bit different, you know? If you get a grouping of them, they kind of fall in there in terms of an outside linebacker/d-end/linebacker and what can they do? And if a guy can handle it mentally and physically, great. The more you can do, the more valuable you become. But he’s one of those guys that we’re trying to work through that right now.

Q: When you follow the mantra of next man up, can you tell if a guy is scared to death or if he is excited and ready to play?

A: As you see the week progress, you see them get excited to play. I haven’t seen anybody be scared or afraid of anything, but our guys are excited for the opportunity to go back out there and play.

Q: What have you seen from (Devon) Kennard this year?

A: Well, obviously, we’re asking more of him. We got him more in the nickel package and everything else. A little bit more of a d-end, he’s still playing the same. So again, he is another guy along the lines of, or Capi is more along his lines in terms of guys who split time in both rooms. But he can handle it. He’s mentally sharp and we’re just trying to use all of his physical attributes.

Q: Do you change anything when you have injuries in a position group and obviously where you guys are in the standings where it becomes more of a developmental focus?

A: No. No. No, we’re trying to win this game.

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