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Football Fan or Purely a Giants Fan Only?

baadbill : 10/15/2017 1:18 pm
Being a Giants Fan has affected my life for more than 50 years. My entire extended family, friends, and work colleagues know that literally nothing will be permitted to interfere with my watching a Giants game. I won't watch regular season games with anyone else (and won't go to a live game except pre-season).

Oddly, however, I am not a football fan. I'll occasionally watch a non-Giants game if it has significance to the Giants. And if the Giants are in the playoffs, I'll watch almost all playoff games. And I've watched every SB game.

But otherwise, I'm not much interested in watching a football game that has no meaning to the Giants. Thus, in a season like this year, when the Giants competitive season is already over, I'm not really interested in the NFL. I don't watch the pre-game shows like I normally would.

Thus, for someone like me, the "loss" of the Giants season so early, literally impacts my football watching because I now probably won't watch a single non-Giants football game the rest of this season until the playoffs (and maybe not until the SB).

Am I the only "Purely a Giants Fan Only" member of BBI or are there others out there?
I too am purely Giants, have been since 1955. I rarely watch a  
SterlingArcher : 10/15/2017 1:43 pm : link
game of another team, I will tune in for scores or a play or two. I have pretty much watched all Giants games, except the ones I missed while I was in Vietnam, that was a tough year, for a lot of reasons. I couldn't wait to the Stars and Stripes to read about the games. I have always believed, and still do, the Giants could win any game they played.
Similar but not exactly the same sentiments  
Red Dog : 10/15/2017 1:46 pm : link
Started watching the GIANTS and the NFL in 1955. I used to be a big fan, watched every game I could (usually 3 a week - two on Sunday and one on Monday night, plus sometimes a extra one on Thursday or Saturday), watched much of the playoffs and the Super Bowl, watched a ton of highlights on the sports channels, played the weekly office football pool and won occasionally, subscribed to multiple GIANTS publications and read everything about the NFL in the daily fish wrapper, and attended Bills games in Buffalo after living there for a while.

But now I only watch the GIANTS and the Bills, only on tv, and maybe a little of the Lions on Thanksgiving while waiting for the turkey. (Sometimes the Lions are the turkey.) That's it now. Just can't watch other NFL games any more for a long list of reasons. I've dropped all the publication subscriptions, don't read about the NFL in the daily fish wrap any more, completely ignore the highlights everywhere, and there's no more office pool. I think the overall quality of the league is down, none of the problems are being adequately addressed, the television coverage has become pretty bad, and the political crap has really driven me away.

And I don't watch much college football any more, either, just a few special games when I can, specifically the Army-Navy game, the East-West Shrine game, and the Senior Bowl. Otherwise, virtually none.

What I do like to watch is the CFL when we do get a game. It gets better television coverage of better officiated games with more action than the NFL.
BleedBlue : 10/15/2017 1:49 pm : link
i love football but my season is fucking ruined. i literally am sick to my stomach watching these teams play knowing the giants have not a single important game left a month into the season....i know its over and i dont care to watch football anymore. have to wait a fucking year until giants have a meaningful game again
The NFL has changed  
joeinpa : 10/15/2017 2:01 pm : link
I still enjoy it and I m a fan since 56

But I don t think the NFL targets our demographic anymore. It s about people with shorter attention spans, fantasy football, and mobile devices.

They ve taken us for granted, and in the case of you guys, lost long time fans
I love football  
old man : 10/15/2017 3:05 pm : link
BECAUSE of the Giants.
Like joeinpa, I've been a NYFG fan since '56; I loved their D because I am big on the defensive side of things in all sports.
same here  
well...bye TC : 10/15/2017 3:09 pm : link
other than NYG Id rather watch EPL.
Giants fan but do try to watch the Patriots because I hate them  
Blue21 : 10/15/2017 4:19 pm : link
so much. I always root against them and week after week am disappointed.
75 years Giant fan only. I used to sometimes watch other games  
carpoon : 10/15/2017 4:20 pm : link
but the transition of the league overall to its present condition is a total turnoff to me and this feeling started before the Kaepernick deal.
I am Ninja : 10/15/2017 4:21 pm : link
ill watch any cfb game on my down time. i dont have a rooting interest in any particular team, i just enjoy it. if the giants are irrelevant, i tend not to watch any other games.
I am Ninja : 10/15/2017 4:22 pm : link
any other nfl games.
Purely Giants  
Steve in South Jersey : 10/15/2017 4:31 pm : link
the Giants game will be the only NFL game I see this week.
Pretty much devoted to my teams  
Jay in Toronto : 10/15/2017 4:31 pm : link
Giants, Yanks, Badgers, Rangers.

Almost the only sport I'll watch with nos team interest is soccer.
I am a Football fan  
Dankbeerman : 10/15/2017 4:45 pm : link
But there are several things that the giants take priority over that football doesn't.

I will plan things around the giants schedule. during the bye week I dobt care if I miss football but will always whatch if available.
football fan  
markky : 10/15/2017 4:57 pm : link
i love watching matchups of two good teams, especially if they're in the NFC and it's late in the season. don't care about the AFC so much.

the 80's, 90's were great. lots of good NFC East matchups and the niners-cowboys games were must see.

this season is a complete let down on all fronts. but i'll be glued to the late season games and the playoffs.

and there is always CFB.
Football Fan  
snumber6 : 10/15/2017 4:58 pm : link
I'll go to the occasional local HS game Sat. AM ... then watch 3 or 4 college games on Sat. ... Especially when the wife was working retail ... but Sunday is mostly only Giants with an occasional non-Giant game ... at one time a lot more but over the years I'm become more jaded towards the NFL product ...

My summer fall and winter suck  
Earl the goat : 10/15/2017 5:23 pm : link
cause of the Mets and Giants

Now I'm just waiting on hot stove. Pitchers and catchers and NFL draft
Purely Giants .... here.  
short lease : 10/15/2017 6:15 pm : link
I will watch the playoffs and the SB of course even if the Giants are not involved. But, for the most part if the Giants have a bye week - I don't watch any football (maybe some college on that Saturday).
Used to be football as awhole,  
Dave in Hoboken : 10/15/2017 6:18 pm : link
but my interest in the NFL is pretty low these days. It's pretty apparent I'm far from the only one that this is the case for, as well. Doesn't help that the Giants are a joke. But the awful on field product, the terrible officials, the ridiculously insane amount of injuries with today's football players despite the serious cutdown in practice time, it's all just meh..
Giants fan only.  
Rick5 : 10/15/2017 6:55 pm : link
Decades ago I would watch some games that had minimal or no implications for the Giants, but doing that now wouldn't interest me. I also have no interest at all in college or HS football.
Agree with Earl  
Bill in TN : 10/15/2017 7:31 pm : link
Mets and Giants are heartbreakers.

Also agree with Dave re: the awful product put out by the NFL, which I am boycotting this year because of the disrespect to the anthem and flag.

I watch mostly CFB - the games are more exciting, better officiated and far less commercials.
Always have been a Giants fan and used to be a greater football fan  
steve in ky : 10/15/2017 7:36 pm : link
I will always remain a Giants fan and while I still have interest in football in general that has steadily faded over the years.
Being a Giants fan made me love  
Daniel in MI : 10/15/2017 8:20 pm : link
football. Playing it in HS helped me love it more (Coinciding with the team's first SB).

But, I'm a fan of the game. I'll watch football that's on over almost anything else. And I'll watch college too. The only exception is 2 mediocre or bad teams I just don't care about. Like, if MNF was Rams v. Jaguars or something, and I didn't have any particular rooting interest, and the game is sloppy...meh. Ill see what else is on.

Likewise, if there are college teams of no interest to me, like if Kansas State was playing AZ State, I don't have a big reason to watch if neither are ranked. Or, if there is a total mismatch like 'Bama against Akron or something. Then I am not likely to watch.

But, I love the sport. Is it degraded now from what it once was? A bit I guess. I'm sure those over 40 always think that. I still love the chess match, and the physicality. And the occasional upset.
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