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Wednesday's New York Giants Media Tweets

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2017 7:02 am

Wednesday, October 18

12:10 p.m. – 1:55 p.m. – Practice

2:00 p.m. – Ben McAdoo available

2:10 p.m. – 2:55 p.m. – Player Interviews

1:30 p.m. – Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Conference Call
Always shocks me to see they practice for only 105 minutes  
AnnapolisMike : 10/18/2017 10:06 am : link
My daughters High School Field Hockey team has daily 120-150 minute practices. Not including 15 minutes of warmups.
I know they are watching film and getting treatment, but damn....
Will be interesting to see the status of  
ryanmkeane : 10/18/2017 11:21 am : link
Vernon and Shepard. Need these guys back this week!
It's what you do in practice...  
That’s Gold, Jerry : 10/18/2017 11:22 am : link
that is important, not the length of it. Quality over quantity. I've seen lots of lengthy practices where most guys just stand around...that is not an effective practice.

So does the team "need BigMac" this week, or is he going  
PatersonPlank : 10/18/2017 11:57 am : link
to go back to screwing up the offense.
empty in season words  
sundayatone : 10/18/2017 3:03 pm : link
at this point thats all he can do
Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2017 3:08 pm : link
New York Giants‏Verified account @Giants 5m5 minutes ago

Injury Report
Did Not Participate:
CB Apple (Not Injury Related)
LB Casillas (Neck)
G Jerry (Tooth)
LB Munson (Quad)
C Richburg (Concussion)

New York Giants‏Verified account @Giants 5m5 minutes ago

Injury Report (Cont.)
S Collins (Ankle)
RB Perkins (Ribs
WR Shepard (Ankle)
DE Vernon (Ankle)

LS DeOssie (Wrist/Elbow)

Oh NO! Jerry was out?  
Ivan15 : 10/18/2017 4:14 pm : link
Tooth better than turf toe.
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