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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2017 4:37 pm
Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

October 18, 2017

Q: How good is it to be back and to put all of that stuff behind you?

A: It feels great to be back, especially after a team win. The guys really went out there and they fought hard, I watched the whole game. I decided it felt like a little kid out there watching my brothers go to work. Hurt not to be out there, but at the end of the day we got the win.

Q: How difficult was it to watch from home?

A: Very difficult, very difficult. You can contribute a little bit. Any time the guys go out there to battle, you want to be out there with them. So to not be a part of that feeling that just means we have to go out there and get another one this week.

Q: How much crap did you get this week when you walked into the locker room?

A: Nah, nah. They just started. Snacks (Damon Harrison) can say what he wants to say. When I first walked in, he was the first one to jump up and down and hug me. So them boys definitely welcomed me back with open arms and that definitely, definitely made me feel good.

Q: What happened?

A: To be honest, coach called me up and he said some things and I kind of didnít agree with it and I handled it the wrong way. At the end of the day, thatís on me. So the suspension, I take that. All I can do is try to work back to get in good grace with the guys. Iím just glad that they didnít let this turn them from me and they accepted me and Iím just back working, man.

Q: How was your conversation with him (Ben McAdoo) yesterday?

A: That was good man. It probably went good because we got the win. He had a big smile on his face. He just said, ďhey, stuff happens. you know, I get it. But from this forward on, you just got to come back, work your way back in and get back in good grace.Ē And I understand that.

Q: Did you talk to the team at all? The defense?

A: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I talked to my guys. I tell them, man, Iím just glad you didnít let my distraction make yíall get unfocused. I know a lot of yíall reaching out to me. The main thing, even more Sunday, I still texted them, ďsee ball, get ballĒ and thatís what they went out there and did, man. So I was very proud.

Q: Was there any part of you that was scared you wouldnít get welcomed back with open arms?

A: No, no, no, no, no, no. One thing about this locker room, man, when I come in here, I light it up, man. Iím an animated guy. Iím not saying that I canít be replaced, but what I did was wrong and I admit that. As long as I admit that, I ainít running from it, Iím good.

Q: What happened last Sunday?

A: I get mad. Iím a competitor. I like to be out there with my guys out there. I did get tweaked and there was a misunderstanding, but as Iím trying to tell as weíre going back and forth, like are you hurt? Are you good coming in and out? Iím like, Iím good, but the decision was for me not to be in there. I should have accepted that, but at the time, we were winning, they were driving, Iím thinking I need to go on that field. So when I come off, I got mad.

Q: So they pulled you off and thatís why you went to the locker room?

A: Yeah, I got a tweak and they thought that was it, but Iím like Iím good. Just miscommunication. At the end of the day, I still canít react the way I did. Did I wear my emotions on my sleeve? Yeah, because at the end of the day man, I just want to play ball.

Q: On the play you went off it seemed like you were barely running on it. Were you hurting at that point?

A: Yeah, it was tweaked, but at the end of the day, if I feel like I can run with you, I can run with you. I didnít feel no threat of nobody running past me.

Q: Was it a foot?

A: Yes sir.

Q: How did you feel seeing Donte Deayon on Sunday?

A: That felt great. Ask him what I texted him. It was like a father watching his son for him to go out there. Heís energetic just like me. He brings a lot of fun to the game and to see him out there, I told him, man, donít let up. Stay out there. You know what I mean? Regardless of what happened with me, stay out there and keep going. Keep doing what youíre doing.

Q: Did you consider requesting a trade?

A: Hell nah. No, not at all. Why would I? I love these guys. Iím chilling, baby. You act like Iím in my third year.

Q: There was a report that you emptied out your locker.

A: Iím dramatic, man. Iím crazy. I canít help that. I do stuff over the top, man. I apologized. I handled it wrong, but Iím good, baby. Iím back, baby, thatís all that matters.

Q: How do you think the team did on Sunday?

A: I think you go into a hostile environment in Denver, man. To do what we did going against one of the best run defenses, to put up over 100 yards and to hold them to 10 points with the guys that they have in (Emmanuel) Sanders, Demaryius Thomas and C.J. Anderson in the backfield, even Jamaal Charles. So to go out there, put that kind of show on and you have limited guys, next man mentality. That just lets you know that the guys that stepped up, they deserve to go out there and do it again.

Q: Do you respect McAdoo with the way he handled the situation?

A: Definitely, definitely. I told him at the end of the day, youíre going to know if Iím mad. Iím going to come back in here and let you know. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, man. But I told him, I messed up and I understand that, and as a coach, you got to do what you got to do. Whatever the consequence is, I have to accept that and go on from there.
Good for everyone involved.  
LG in NYC : 10/18/2017 4:40 pm : link
Perfectly handled by DRC. A lot of people  
Keith : 10/18/2017 4:43 pm : link
blamed the coaching staff, but it seems as though it was handled the right way. DRC is owning up to it and admitting his faults and everyone is ready to move on. Making a terrible situation a little better and more importantly, bringing closure.
mrvax : 10/18/2017 4:45 pm : link
he's back.
Still do not understand why DRC isn't one of our starting CBs...  
M.S. : 10/18/2017 5:08 pm : link

...we should have kept Apple as a slot guy / 5th DB.

DRC is better than Apple.


RE: Still do not understand why DRC isn't one of our starting CBs...  
Ten Ton Hammer : 10/18/2017 6:42 pm : link
In comment 13655383 M.S. said:

...we should have kept Apple as a slot guy / 5th DB.

DRC is better than Apple.


Because slot corner isn't a demotion. It's a critical position, and you put your best players on the field. DRC is far better than Cockrell or Deayon or anyone else.
RE: Still do not understand why DRC isn't one of our starting CBs...  
robbieballs2003 : 10/18/2017 6:51 pm : link
In comment 13655383 M.S. said:

...we should have kept Apple as a slot guy / 5th DB.

DRC is better than Apple.


I agree with TTH. Not only is playing the slot a very crucial position on the team but the other thing that was rumored was they wanted to limit his snaps because he gets banged up a lot. It was also a great way to get Apple snaps. In a perfect world I agree that DRC should be starting outside and moving to the slot when they go to nickel. But there are other factors.
DRC is not a youngster anymore  
Simms11 : 10/19/2017 8:03 am : link
either. I think theyíre using him the right way. Heís more effective coming in to play the slot and in certain situations.
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