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Wednesday Media Transcript: Safety Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2017 5:20 pm
Safety Landon Collins

October 18, 2017

Q: Is it nice to have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie back?

A: Yeah, itís pleasant, itís pleasant. Itís great. Weíre happy that heís back. Itís a blessing and ready to get back on the field with him now. Excited to get back on the field with him.

Q: Did he talk to you guys before practice?

A: No. He didnít say anything. He said his apologies throughout the week when he was gone. So we already had that established.

Q: He seemed pretty moved that he was welcomed back so much by you guys.

A: Because at the same time, in his eyes he probably is (thinking) like, he let the team down by just leaving. So at the same time, thatís how he felt and we just told him, ĎMan, we love you man. Glad you came back and decided to stay with us.í

Q: Was there any doubt in your mind that he wouldnít?

A: No, there wasnít a doubt in my mind. I knew he was coming back. He just had to get some stress off his shoulders I guess.

Q: How different was it coming back to work today after a win?

A: You got a little pep in your step. You feel more confident in understanding what we needed to do and how we need to do it to be able to keep getting wins. So itís big and now we understand how to do it. Now we got to continue doing it.

Q: Is there any change in the preparation when youíre playing a team coming off a bye?

A: I didnít even know they were coming off of a bye, but no. We prepare week in and week out the same way and we know theyíre going to do some self-scouting on how they feel theyíre going to need to change their game. But at the same time, you go back to your old ways so weíre going to expect their old ways more than what theyíre going to do new.

Q: How much does Seattleís secondary inspire you?

A: All of those guys, I look up to them because they got some great guys over there just knowledge-wise, experience-wise, and playing-wise. They all play 110% and to see that, thatís kind of what you want to live up to and try to beat out. Thatís the guys that weíre facing, especially as a safety. I am facing Kam (Chancellor) each and every week to try and beat him out. So now I get to showcase my skills right in front of his own eyes so itís going to be big for me. Itís something big to live up to.

Q: Do you have a relationship with Kam (Chancellor)?

A: No. Earl (Thomas) though.

Q: Heís not a bad guy to emulate either.

A: No, not at all. I look up to Earl more than Kam, but we play different positions so I look up to Kam and watch how he plays and I just try to outdo him, so thatís the biggest thing.

Q: Do you feel like you guys announced as a defense that youíre back?

A: Not yet. I mean we got to showcase it again. Once we showcase it again, then we can possibly say that, but not yet. We got to just put it on film one more time.

Q: How much of a burden is it on the defense knowing the offense most likely isnít going to score a lot of points?

A: It was the same as last year. There wasnít that many points so we live up to that and thatís how we have to play. We played that way last week and we got to continue playing week in and week out now.

Q: What unique challenges does Seattleís offense represent to you?

A: They got a dynamic offense. They got a lot of guys that can go up and get the ball and they got a crazy quarterback that is definitely going to keep their play alive. We just have to keep him contained. It starts with him so if heís out of the pocket, it can be a long series. So we try to contain him, make him stay in the pocket and throw it. He kind of gets a little fidgety in that pocket so you keep him within that, weíll be alright.

Q: Would it be a mistake to assume everything is back?

A: Yeah, it would. Donít assume. We got to showcase it. Weíre not going to assume anything. Weíre going to put it on the film.
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