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Post-Game Transcript: LB Devon Kennard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/22/2017 8:57 pm
Linebacker Devon Kennard

Postgame vs. Seattle, October 22, 2017

Q: What changed in the second half?

A: They had good field position, so that helps them. And based on the score of the game, they started to adjust their play calling. And that last drive they ran the ball a lot and we got to look at the film, but we got to stop the run in that situation and we let them drive it down on us.

Q: With the amount of key personnel youíre without offensively, how much pressure does that put on you guys?

A: I donít feel so. We always want to limit the offense from scoring as much as possible. So thatís pressure we put on ourselves, regardless. Obviously depending on how much the offense is scoring, it definitely makes it more important, but thatís our objective, regardless.

Q: Do you feel like the defense is in a position where they have to carry the offense?

A: We feel like we have the guys on defense that we can do so and we expect every game to be on our back and on our shoulders and we have to be able to stop offenses from scoring and we didnít do a good enough job, especially late in the game.

Q: Are you worried about their productivity?

A: I donít pay attention to the offense at all. I worry about the aspects of the game I can control and thatís on the defensive side of the ball.

Q: Whatís the challenge heading into the bye week 1-6 and trying to keep hope alive?

A: We got a week off and then we got to come back and we got a nine-game season and what can we do in these nine games? Our backs are against the wall and we have to really, really step it up the second half of the season and I think the guys are going to be up to the task.

Q: At 1-6, do you still believe you can make it to the playoffs?

A: We worry about one game at a time. I feel like if youíre thinking about that when weíre 1-6 and not playing our best ball, then you have things messed up. We got to take it one week at a time and we have to look ourselves in the mirror and get ready to come back after this bye.

Q: Was it frustrating at the end of the game to see how quickly things changed with a lot of Seahawks fans cheering and a lot of empty seats?

A: Thatís as expected. We are 1-6 right now, so we got to win some games and give some people something to cheer about.

Q: You guys still have nine games to play. How do you stay in the moment?

A: We have a bye week and we have a nine-game season now. Thatís the mentality we have to take. We still feel like we have a really good team and we got to go out and show it these next nine games. I think thatís what our mentality has to be.

Q: When you hear the crowd chanting Seahawks, does it affect you?

A: Obviously, I would like them to be chanting the Giants, but we got to give them something to chant about. So thatís our responsibility. If weíre winning games and if weíre winning that game at the end of the game, that wouldnít have been the case. So thatís on us.
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