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Post-Game Transcript: RB Orleans Darkwa

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/22/2017 9:10 pm
Running Back Orleans Darkwa

Postgame vs. Seattle, October 22, 2017

Q: Did they play the run game differently than they did a week ago?

A: Did they play it differently? Iím pretty sure when you watch film they kind of know certain things, but theyíre a great defense overall. Linebackers are physical, their d-line was physical, so we knew it was going to be a challenge ahead of us. Like I said, we just didnít have those big shot runs like we did last week. So I guess they were ready for it, but at the same time, we just got to do better as an offense.

Q: Do you feel like you let the defense down since they played a pretty good game?

A: I mean, yeah, the defense played their tails off today. Like I said, as an offense, we got to put points on the board. Itís simple and plain. So I think with the bye week coming up, we got to look ourselves in the mirror and figure out what we do well, figure out what we do bad and kind of improve from there.

Q: What was your impression of Evan Engram?

A: Like I said, with the playmakers that we lost with Odell (Beckham), Brandon (Marshall), Shep, (Sterling Shepard), Dwayne (Harris), all of those guys, somebody has to step up and it was good to see him stepping up and making plays out there. Heís a first round draft pick for a reason. So heís talented and it was good to see him making plays and I think we all have to step our game up and get on his level.

Q: Does it feel like the offense is walking a tight rope each week and do you feel like everything has to fall perfectly in place?

A: Yeah, like I said, last week was kind of gritty. We got help with Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins) scoring that touchdown for us. Itís going to be gritty, you know? Sometimes those two-three yard gains kind of add up and you hope for the big play down the road, but I guess we werenít able to get that today. That big play that Engram had that was called back because he was out of bounds. Things like that, you know? You get those big plays and just kind of go from there. With the defense, they played well today. We, just as an offense, need to figure out what we can do to improve.

Q: It didnít go for six, but Landon (Collins) did give you that big play.

A: Exactly, exactly. When you get a big turnover like that, you saw how quickly we were able to capitalize off that. So like I said, the defense played really well, we just got to improve as an offense.
Like i said  
mattlawson : 10/22/2017 9:14 pm : link
We lost
Hard -nosed guy  
RetroJint : 10/22/2017 9:21 pm : link
Playing at Tulane, he learned to play hard regardless of the score . Comes in handy this season.
Giants need to figure out  
mdthedream : 10/23/2017 7:40 am : link
what they have in Gallman and Webb for next years draft. Seeing one of those picks good be A QB or maybe a stud RB that can carry the offense. Of course we draft a lot of Olineman.
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