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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/24/2017 5:03 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

October 24, 2017

Q: What does the team need to do to get more wins after the Bye Week?

A: Itís all three phases coming together as one. Some games, the defense, theyíre on, and we [the offense] is off. Weíve got to make every group the same and everybody has to be on at all times.

Q: What was coach McAdooís message to the team heading into the Bye Week?

A: Just kind of regroup. Theyíre regrouping as coaches and trying to find out the thing that work and find out the things that donít and get them out of there. And weíve got to stay focused as a team and donít get into any trouble, just little things like that. Weíve got to come back ready to work.

Q: Will you be ready to play after the Bye Week?

A: Yeah, Iíll be ready to go.

Q: What changed between Sunday morning and later in the afternoon, as it seemed like you were encouraged that you were going to play last week against Seattle?

A: It wasnít Sunday, it was Ė I mean, after the Thursday practice, I kind of tweaked it during that practice and it kind of carried over to Sunday and I just didnít feel ready to go, didnít feel 100% to go.

Q: What has the dynamic been like in the wide receivers room?

A: Weíre getting back on track. We had a fine board going and it kind of died off, but we know weíve got some new guys in there, so the fine board is back alive. Just trying to get everybody on the same page and everybody get ready for their assignment.

Q: Is it back to business in the wide receivers room, back to reality?

A: Yeah, we have to go back to business. We donít have some of the same faces. When you have veterans like Odell [Beckham, Jr.] and you have Brandon [Marshall], you donít have to really hold that accountability for those guys, you know? They pretty much know what theyíre doing. But when you have new faces, you kind of have got to make sure everybodyís on their pís and qís and thatís kind of what the fine board is there for.

Q: Are fines less a smaller amount now?

A: Less money? Oh, no.

Q: Are the fines more frequent?

A: I mean, youíve got guys that havenít been out there before, so theyíre going to mess up a little bit. Weíve got a lot of fines, but no, the money hasnít changed. Itís stayed the same. Find a way [laughs].

Q: Not as many big contracts in that room anymore, right?

A: No, thereís not. Thatís what Iím saying, find a way [laughs]. Thatís why you donít get fined.

Q: Are you sticking around the facility for treatment during the Bye Week?

A: Yeah, Iím staying around for treatment. Just trying to get it back to 100%, so I can feel good about going out on the field.

Q: Will the Bye Week help you in your recovery from injury?

A: I think the Bye Week couldnít have come at a more perfect time. So, trying to get it back right.

Q: Is it any harder to be ready for a game when youíre 1-6, as opposed to being in contention?

A: No, not at all. I mean, weíve been grinding with each other for a long time, going over in the summer, in camp, so you never want to give up on your brothers and I think everybody has that kind of mindset. So, weíre going to keep grinding, even though the record isnít too good right now. Just got to grind this thing out for the rest of the season and come together and get some wins.

Q: Are you as surprised as everybody on the outside that the team is 1-6?

A: I just think it comes down to the little things. Last season, we were closing out those fourth quarter games, those close games. And this season, itís just kind of slipped from us and I think itís all three phases of the game weíve kind of been lacking on.

Q: When you return from injury, how much changes for you and your role?

A: I mean, itís going to be different, you donít have the same faces in there. That alone, itís going to change. But my role is going to stay the same, Iím kind of a guy that leads by example, but Iíll be vocal if I have to and thatís kind of what role Iíve had to take these last two weeks, is just staying in the guysí ears and keeping their heads held high.

Q: How do you feel about the opportunity to play more on the outside?

A: I know the system, I know what needs to be done outside, so I donít think thatíll be a problem. Iíve played a lot of outside in college. It is an opportunity, but Iím just going to do what Iím asked and try to make plays.

Q: How do you think McAdoo has kept the team playing hard the last weeks?

A: I donít think Coach McAdoo has much to do, he can say a lot of things, but as a team, we have to come together and we have to fight. Thatís the thing, we have a good group of guys that donít ever give up and thatís not going to change.

Q: How tough has it been for you to watch the offense be so limited the past two games?

A: Itís been pretty tough, but weíve been handling it pretty well. I mean, we have a great game against Denver running the ball, so itís only natural to keep whatís going good, keep it going. So, we tried to transfer that over to the Seahawks, it just didnít work out the way it did before.

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Dan in the Springs : 10/24/2017 6:55 pm : link
Q: How tough has it been for you to watch the offense be so limited the past two games?

Although I know what they're getting at with the injuries, this offense has seemed limited for all his Giants career.

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