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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/1/2017 5:01 pm
Cornerback Eli Apple

November 1, 2017

Q: You had some travel issues?

A: Yeah, a little something like that, but Iím back now.

Q: You missed Mondayís work, is that correct?

A: Right.

Q: Was that weather related? Did the flight get cancelled?

A: Yeah, a little flight stuff.

Q: Did you get here after practice at some point?

A: No.

Q: Did you make sure you called in to alert them about that?

A: Yeah.

Q: Did you get disciplined for missing a day of work?

A: Something like that.

Q: What would you say to the perception that the defensive backs have tuned (Ben) McAdoo out?

A: Thatís not true at all. Itís just unfortunate situations at a time. Just like with the weather or something like that, but itís about getting everybody on the same page.

Q: Why do you think this late in the season everybody is not on the same page?

A: I donít think itís necessarily that. Itís just throughout the season, stuff like this happens. Sometimes guys arenít here, sometimes you got to discipline them. Thatís just a part of being a part of a team.

Q: I canít remember a time where two guys were suspended for violating team rules in the same season. Is there something else going on?

A: Nah, thereís nothing going on. Everything that happens in house we just try to handle it that way, so itís been a crazy season like that.

Q: Why do you think you guys havenít tuned him out if this stuff keeps on happening?

A: We just go week by week. Weíre out here on the field. Weíre still doing our job and thatís a part of doing your job, just trying to get out here and play to the best of your ability, you know what I mean?

Q: How do you stop (Todd) Gurley and (Jared) Goff?

A: Well, with Gurley, you got to make sure you set the edge, thatís always the first thing. He gets out to the edge really well. With Goff, itís about getting pressure in his face and making plays on the ball.

Q: Do you think that your teammates still give a damn?

A: Nah, I think we do. I think we go out there and weíre giving it our all. We have fun at practice and we are just trying to get better each day. Whoever is out there, weíre just trying to work and get better.

Q: Do you think there are issues with the defensive coaches then?

A: Thereís no issues. We just try to go out each day and get better.

Q: Ben McAdoo still has the respect of everybody?

A: Heís got my respect. Heís got everybodyís respect. We are just trying to win games.

Q: Why do you think this is happening then?

A: As a player, Iím just going to go hard every day and give it my all.

Q: How do you respond to the perception that the locker room is fractured?

A: Iím gonna respond just by saying weíre going to give it our all each day and just go out there and play our best.

Q: Have you spoke to Janoris?

A: I have not. Heís suspended.

Q: So you canít talk to him?

A: Nah, Iím just focused on everybody in here now.

Q: When did you get back here?

A: Iím bad with the days. Iím just focused on each day, try to go hard.

Q: Yesterday was Tuesday so you came back yesterday?

A: Iím back now.
jvm52106 : 11/2/2017 8:46 am : link
we are not talking about a Brain Surgeon here...
Well the questions...  
Dan in the Springs : 11/2/2017 9:21 am : link
are a bit obnoxious. Clearly the reporters are digging for something that he doesn't want to give. For maybe two or three questions, that might be okay. But in this entire transcript there was exactly one question about the upcoming opponent. He gave a good answer to that one. Wish they had asked a bit more about football, as there's still some of us who savor every bit of the season we can get before it's over.
RE: Wow  
NYBEN1963 : 11/2/2017 1:11 pm : link
In comment 13672771 jvm52106 said:
we are not talking about a Brain Surgeon here...

Give the kid a break he's only 21 yrs old. I think a lot of us expect these very young men to act and talk like 40yr olds they are still maturing physically as well as mentally.
a bit unfair to Apple  
JonC : 11/2/2017 1:14 pm : link
to be put in that position, but perhaps it will accelerate his maturity arc. He needs to grow up.
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