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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/1/2017 5:11 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

November 1, 2017

Q: What do you see from the Rams defensively?

A: Theyíre a talented team. They got a good front seven, got a lot of speed. Their corners play well. They do a good job of getting to the quarterback, good job stopping the run. So, we got to be sound up front, know our assignments. They got some good players and we have to win on time in our receivers. But, play a good bit of man and it still give you some opportunities to make some plays.

Q: As one of the leaders, whatís your reaction to some of the stuff that has gone on this year in terms of discipline?

A: I mean, it happens, you know. We got to handle our business. We got to make sure weíre doing things right and I think everybody knows the reasoning for why theyíre occurring and we got to, obviously, go about our business and then when guys come back, you donít think about it and you keep going.

Q: Have you seen this many guys getting disciplined this often in the past?

A: I donít think we think much about it. Hey, we got to play a game. We got to go. Guys understand thereís rules. You have to follow them and we have to handle our business.

Q: Do you understand the reasoning for why this is happening and what do you think is the reason?

A: Thereís been two of them. Both of them had their reasons. Iím sure coach (Ben McAdoo) talked to you about those things and, hey, our job is to play the game. Go out there. Be here for practice. Be here for everything weíre supposed to be doing and go out there and compete.

Q: A couple of your former teammates have said itís up to you guys to play for each other. Do you sense that thatís been missing this year?

A: No. I think guys are competing and guys are playing their tails off. Weíve lost some close games. Weíve lost some. Weíve had some things not go our way, so weíre just trying to figure out how weíre going to be able to hang in there, keep games close and win some tight football games. Guys are playing for each other. Guys are doing everything theyíve been asked to do and we just have to do a little bit better.

Q: Coming off the bye week, are you able to start fresh offensively?

A: I think itís just a time to, hey, get a little rest, understand the circumstances weíre going through, but understand what we have, be excited about our opportunities to go out there and compete every week and excited about just figuring out what guys do well, how can we put them in a position to do the things they do well so we can be successful as a team and as an offense.

Q: How disappointing is it for you that two of the veteran guys got suspended?

A: Hey, you know, still itís about the team. Itís about everybody coming together. The guys that are here this week. We got a lot of guys who are paid to play and weíre going to go out there and go play and go find a way to get a win.

Q: What do you say about the perception that itís a lack of respect towards Ben McAdoo?

A: No. I donít think thatís the case. I donít think itís a deal on purpose trying to break rules or trying to do anything. I think itís just some unfortunate events.

Q: Do you think this is happening because of the record?

A: I donít think so. I think itís just been a couple cases of stuff gone wrong and youíre put in a position that you have to discipline them.

Q: When you say ďstuff gone wrongĒ what do you mean? Itís significant enough that guys have been suspended.

A: Well, you have to ask the guys or coach (Ben) McAdoo or ask the guys what exactly went wrong. I donít know the full story of everything.

This is why I get upset at the reporters...  
Dan in the Springs : 11/2/2017 9:34 am : link
I know they're digging for a story, but they clearly want it to be about a lost locker room.

Here's another angle on poor coaching that's completely missed by them - refusal to make important changes until it's too late. How about this one question regarding offensive changes:
Q: Coming off the bye week, are you able to start fresh offensively?

How come we can't get more detailed questions about the process of changing your offense mid-season and how the bye week can help facilitate that? A few follow-up questions to see if Eli feels like the offense has anything new to it, if he feels like those changes (if any) are going to be difficult to implement, or how they can ensure they will execute fully the new changes without much practice time?

The beats are stuck on the one story line when the players are clearly not going to give much more on that line, and are missing out on a more interesting story that could be written. If they have it out for McAdoo it might be to their advantage to document his reaction during the bye to the offensive struggles and personnel losses.
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