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Friday Media Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/3/2017 4:02 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

November 3, 2017

Q: How much different has it been since the last time we talked to you in regards to injuries?

A: Itís been different. Learning curves. Different things as far as the system of the offense, the details, things of that nature. But, the guys are doing well. Theyíre adjusting well.

Q: Have you had to scale back some?

A: No. The offense is the offense. Certain things you can do and try to take advantage of due to personnel situations, but pretty much we see something, we scheme for it and then we go after it.

Q: How much do you have to concentrate more on basics with the guys now than you did before?

A: Just overall everything because you canít leave it up for granted because the guys have been here during the course of the beginning of the year, you know, in training camp. So, you make sure you cover everything. Any little thing, you just make sure you have it.

Q: What does getting WR Sterling Shepard back mean to this group?

A: Itís huge because he gives us leadership. He gives us a presence in the room. Heís good making plays. Heís done that before, so having a guy like that Ė he brings energy. Brings a big smile and just out here in practice and having fun.

Q: What do you think about the potential of him playing outside more and how that transition goes for him?

A: It goes well. Heís been doing it periodically anyway because sometimes he was stuck outside on third down depending on what we were doing. So, heís getting more comfortable there and to use him inside and outside is not a problem. Not at all.

Q: With veteran WR Brandon Marshall and WR Odell Beckham out for the year, WR Sterling Shepard has taken on a bigger role in leadership. Do you think youíve seen him take a bigger role over the past two weeks even with the injury?

A: Yes, I have. In the meeting rooms, heís always there. Doesnít matter what happens with, you know, for his rehab or what he was doing. He was always in the meetings making sure the guys are on their stuff and heís enforcing, so today we had some rules that were kind of broken. So, he was making sure guys were getting themselves together.

Q: Is it true that the wide receiver roomís system of discipline kind of went away when Beckham, Marshall and Harris were put on IR, but then it quickly started to come back?

A: Just transitioning. Just because the expectations are the expectations in the room. Just because certain guys go down, itís a next man up mentality, so itís all hands on deck. And so, just because youíre younger doesnít give you any leeway. Thatís just what it is, your job is to be a professional and learn the situation of football and the material and do as needed.

Q: Did you give the younger receivers a week to get ready for the discipline system during the transition?

A: No, no. Not at all.

Q: Are Beckham and Marshall in the meeting room at all, or are they just focusing on rehabbing?

A: Rehab because their schedule is totally different than ours.

Q: When you say rules, do you mean just in the receiver room?

A: Yes, thereís always rules, but then thereís rules. So, there are certain things Ė you get called out or something by another coach. You get publicly disgraced in the group [laughs].

Q: Shepard is the one giving out the fines in the receiver room?

A: Yes.

Q: What do say to Beckham, given his situation?

A: Just as you go each and every day, it gets better. It doesnít make it easier, but you have to embrace the grind and just another step in your stage of life and your progression of life. So, everything happens for a reason, but you donít know why. Not to say if you can take that day back, but it is what it is, you have to go through it.

Q: How do you think Beckham is going to come back?

A: Stronger. Better.

Q: Landon (Collins) said the other day that Odell (Beckham) came in here and brightened the room and provided energy. How does he help the team in that way even though he is injured?

A: Just when heís around. Heís always smiling and heís actually better than I really thought he would be a couple weeks ago. I was just like wow and as the progression, heís sending me things, text messaging me things like quotes and things like that. So heís done a great job mentally in preparation for this. So itís another challenge for him and he sees it as a challenge. Heís a competitor, so heís going to make sure he does everything he needs to do.

Q: What was that day like for you losing one receiver after another?

A: I told the younger guys this has never happened in a gazillion years. So the players are like, wow, because I donít really respond to a lot of things like outbursts. So one time as they were going down, Roger (Lewis) turned to me and asked who was in the game and I was like, ĎYou.í Thereís nobody else in there. So thatís the big joke in the room, like, ĎReally, thereís nobody else.í But itís just one of those things that really never happens, but it happened so you just have to move forward.

Q: How do you think Evan Engram has done with the adjustment of moving outside?

A: Heís adjusting well. Heís got a lot of room to grow. He works hard out here, so I know that. He puts in the time, he puts in the work. So I see a good progression with him.

Q: Have you coached him at all?

A: Heís still with coach Gilbride.

Q: Do you guys cross-train at all though?

A: Not at all.
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