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Post-Game Transcript: RB Orleans Darkwa

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2017 5:41 pm
Running Back Orleans Darkwa

Postgame vs. Los Angeles Rams, November 5, 2017

Q: What was going on early that allowed you guys to be so productive?

A: I feel like we started fast. We were able to run the ball with success. We obviously had a big gain with one of those run plays. Everybody was doing their job and we were able to have some early success, but I think the obvious thing is we got to finish drives and we canít turn the ball over.

Q: Do you think it just snowballed for you guys real fast today?

A: Yeah, I mean the score indicates what happened. We just didnít play well in all three phases and theyíre a good team. Their record shows and we just didnít play well, point blank simple.

Q: When you look at the scoreboard, how shocking is that to you?

A: Itís embarrassing. Especially on our home field like that. We donít want to perform like that. But we got to flush this one out. Obviously, weíve got a lot of corrections weíve got to make so we got to go back to the film room and see what we can do better. But obviously we donít want to perform like that for the fans and especially at our home field.

Q: Did you look up in the stands at all in the second half?

A: No. Iím focused on the game.

Q: Is there a danger of guys writing off this year?

A: No. Weíve got a lot of fighters in this room on this team. I donít think anybody is laying down for anybody. At the end of the day, weíre playing the game that we love, so if anybody is trying to lay down for a team then they donít need to be here. But I think weíve got the right guys in the room that are going to fight until the end. We have the trust in this coaching staff, so weíve got to go out there and fight and I think we will.

Q: What did Ben (McAdoo) say to you guys afterwards?

A: Obviously, itís not a good feeling to lay an egg like that. We just didnít play well. We turned the ball over. Like I said, in all three phases, we just didnít play well. Weíve just got to get back to work. Weíve got eight games left. Weíre not going to sit here and pout and moan about whatever it is, calls or whatever it is. We got to go out there and fix it. So at the end of the day, thatís what weíve got to do.

Q: What were you thinking when you guys got off to the hot start offensively?

A: Obviously, we started fast. We got some good plays and thatís the thing we try to emphasize. We ended up getting the ball first and were able to put on a good drive, weíve just got to finish. We turned the ball over, we canít do that. Like I said, it stalled the drive. I think we started fast, weíve just got to eliminate the turnovers.
One of the great things playing for The Green Wave  
RetroJint : 11/5/2017 5:51 pm : link
did for a guy like Orleans is that it prepared him for a season and team like this. A lot of these ass clowns that he has for teammates should use Darkwa as an example of how you go hard on every play, regardless of the score .
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